Ehsan Khaje Amiri - Salame Akhar (Angol translation)

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The Last Salutation

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Salute to the solitary sunset of heart
Salute to the dawn of departure
Salute to the sorrow of separation hours
Farewell to the poems of moonlit nights *
Farewell to the poems of moonlit nights
Farewell to the love story
Farewell to the bright blueness of love **
Farewell to the scent of nocturnal poem *
Farewell to the perpetual companion
Farewell to the scar laid on the heart
You will not be alone, O my survivor (of this love) who will not have me anymore
I will bestow you upon the weary hearts
I will bestow you upon the light of the moonlight
I will bestow you upon the (gentle) hands of the sea
Even if I am a nocturnal (creature) or an insomniac
I will bestow you upon the (beautiful) dream of tomorrow
I will bestow you upon the night for it will not burn (you) ***
I will bestow you upon the soul for it will not pass away ^
Unless the spring of words would dry out because of mourning
Unless the twist of fate would take this voice (of mine) away
Farewell to the bliss of my heart
Farewell to the everlasting soothing
If you become green (again), if I remain yellow (forever) ^^
Farewell to the evergreen spring
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Disclaimer: The accurate translation of some sentences would be "Farewell/Salute to you O ...", but I omit that "you O/ O you" phrase. I've done this to make the translation more tangible in English.

* Reading and Singing poems in the moonlit nights are considered as a very amorous deed in Persian culture.
** In Persian culture, blue and green are the colours of peace and happiness
*** Because the night is colder than the day and is a symbol of tranquility in Persian culture.
^ Soul is eternal unlike the body.
^^ The poet depicts the lover and the beloved as leaves. The beloved is evergreen but the lover is withered.

***The translations have been done by Bijan Kardouni AKA veryclever1980***


Salame Akhar

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