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Salame Akhar

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Hello a sunset of the stranger heart
Hello a leaver raised dawn
Hello a sadness moment of separation
Goodbye a poem of bright nights
Goodbye to poem of bright nights
Goodbye to love story
Goodbye to blue bright of love
Goodbye to perfume of poetry night
Goodbye to companion ever
Goodbye to fire-on heart
You never be alone, A reimaned without me
I commit you to tired hearts
I commit you to enamel moon
I commit you to a lap of sea
If I'm a night-sit, if the night is broken
I commit you to tomorrow's dream
I commit you to overnight to not burn
I commit you to my heart to not dying
If the word won't drying up of sadness
If the time doesn't take this voice
Goodbye to bare of my heart
Goodbye forever a shadow-starling
If you've gone green, if I stayed yellow
Goodbye forever new-spring!
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Salame Akhar

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