Vasco Rossi - Sally (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Sally (editted Elbarto's translation into more colloquial English).

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Sally walks down the street without even watching her step
Sally is a woman who doesn't want to fight anymore
Sally has suffered too much
Sally has already seen what can collapse on you
Sally has already been punished
...for her every distraction or weakness
...for each sincere caress given to ease the bitterness
Listen, it's raining outside
Listen, what a nice sound
Sally walks down the street confidently, without a thought
Looking at people with an air of indifference now
Those moments are so far away
...when a glance caused excitement
...when life used to be easier
...and we could eat strawberries
Because life is a thrill that flies away
It's all a balance built on madness
...on madness
Listen, it's raining outside
Listen, what a nice sound
But maybe that is the cause--the cause of your wandering, Sally
Perhaps you have to feel a little bad at the end
Perhaps at the end of this sad story, one will find the courage
to deal with feelings of guilt and remove them from this journey
To really live each moment, along with its excitement, as if it was the last
Sally walks down the street, without a care, now in the evening
The street lamps light
All the people have run home to their televisions
And a thought goes through her head
...perhaps life isn't all a waste
...perhaps something is saved
...perhaps, really, it wasn't all wrong
...perhaps it was right, just as it was
...perhaps... perhaps... Yes! It was!
So, what can I say?
Listen, what a nice sound
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