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Only for Belgrade

Only for all of us,for Belgrade,for fellows-lunatics,
for guns and slingshots, drops of blood,sweat,hands,
Just for the parks and corners which give birth to scums,
only for stupidity they passed, not for the knives in the backs,
Just for backyards,wasted times,the rays of the sun of my childhood,
only for the complexes and moments 'one step away from murder',
Only for Dorcol-place, and the feeling it gives,
that spirit which guide you,Johnny,lasts for years,
Only for the best and for the worst place that exists,
Belgrade is its name,but I know it for the colour of black,
Although I like it immensely, I do sometimes afraid of it,
I can not imagine myself leading my life elsewhere,
And if I was born again,and if I could choose where to go,
I would leave everything, but I would never leave Belgrade.
Only for BGD,U P.H.K.S.B.S.
Only for God,family,my friends
Only for Belgrade,only for ideals
For everything that connects us, everything that holds us,
let it be blessed the one that connects
and damned the one that demolishes,
Only for Belgrade, for homes, buildings, skyscrapers,
only for Belgrade, for the stories of the odyssey,
One for all and all for one, all together, and all for one
I tear for Belgrade,I go into the fire for Belgrade
I live for Belgrade,If I have to I die for Belgrade
Admitted for Belgrade, full of evil, some good,
fight without rest,for Belgrade without the fence,
Honour and clean cheek for the Belgrade without defeat
And anyone who would try to,screw me,or my Belgrade,
will be foot-hand-arm-elbow-foot for Belgrade
Belgrade is a an imagination with sin related to asphalt,
raw bits,bloody ghetos, dirty samples,
Let my enemy be his brother, my peace-my war,
Now put your hands up for Belgrade, my city,
and past and future,Bgd always my house,
Let me hear 'Way to go,it says .......from the start,
I live for Belgrade,and I will die for it (way to go),
I walk through the gray,through the concrete that separates me from nature,
through the crowd that wants to pull me in itself,
I walk through that words that lost their meaning,
through relationships that can not handle the truth,
Through wine and beer, the conflicts and concerns,
through music and books, I walk through the life,
I look around me, through myself, I am searching to find,
but I do not know what I am looking for,I wait and rush into the unknown,
I have got all the time but I do not know how long it lasts,
And I do not know what awaits me,
I listen to the wind and the rain and the sun and the silence
to teach me how to walk properly.
The enemy forcibly separated us last winter,
thrown us into chains, I scraped a number,
It is time for return in style
open the main gate to your inhabitant,
Let him go on stage, BS, BS team
to continue its journey through your mighty jungle,
From the docks to blocks on NBG,
from dusk until dawn in your heart rhythm,
To write down his adventures in verse,
To choose and sorts,to bind it in the book,
And leave it to those that comes after us ,
that in every part of itself brings your essence,
To keep fire alive in every temple,
and that there is no equal to your hospitality,
And not to curve its spine when the first troubles arrive
but to lead a song before going into battle.
My heart beats for this city
and because of that I'll always be ready to give away my life,
He is in my blood, he flows through my veins,
and when he turns his back to me,I will remain faithful to him,
I will stay although future is uncertain,
although I am forced to fight for survival in the arena of giants,
Ready for anything, because my men follow me, the Union until the death,
Through all the ups and downs, Belgrade battlefield
The first front line is calling me,
Mother, forgive me, I love you, But Belgrade is my root
Just for BGD, only for our cause,
only for the trade union struggle,our beggining and end,
So I tear,that is love,that is happiness,
My sadness, my river, my rail, my union like the tower,
My street and school, the first rime, the first letter,
what is to be seen, only the roof, and what is not allowed, what must be done,
My beloved, for me there is no other,
while I look at him my whole life from the sandy dunes,
And above all, after all, only the BGD is,
do not think that you are stronger than concrete,
For my people, your people, only the BGD is,
what will remain from our lives (x2).
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Samo Za Bgd

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