Schönes Madl (Angol translation)


Schönes Madl

Schönes Madl, geh doch nit vorbei
Schönes Madl, bist Du heit' noch frei?
Schönes Madl
I möcht' mit Dir allane sein
Du bist so schön, es ist zum Schrei'n - Wahnsinn!
Schönes Madl, ans weiß i genau
Schönes Madl, so a Wahnsinnsfrau
Schönes Madl
hob i mei Lebtag no nit g'seh'n
I brenn gleich durch, es muß was g'scheh'n
Schönes Madl, bitte bleib doch da
Schönes Madl, sag doch endlich "ja"
Schönes Madl, kum in meine Arm'
Schönes Madl, laß mi Di verführ'n
Schönes Madl, laß mi Di entführ'n
Schönes Madl, Du gahst mir nit aus'm Sinn
Und i will Di, i will Di heute nacht
Schönes Madl, geh noch nit vorbei
Schönes Madl, mach Di für mi frei
Schönes Madl, ja bitte bitte kum zu mir - zu mir
Ich bin ganz sicher lieb zu Dir - schönes Madl!
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Beatiful girl

Beatiful girl, come on1don't walk past (me)
Beatiful girl, are you still free today?
Beatiful girl
I want to be alone with you
You are so beatiful, it's screamingly funny2- Amazing!
Beatiful girl, one thing I know for certain
Beatiful girl, such a amazing woman
Beatiful girl
Have I never seen in my entire life
Would run away (with you) soon3, something must happend
Beatiful girl, come on1, stay here
Beatiful girl, come on1, just say "yes"
Beaiful girl, come in my arms
Beatiful girl, let me carry you away
Beatiful girl, let me carry you away
Beatiful girl, I can't get you out of my head
Beatiful girl, I want you this night
Beatiful girl, come on1don't walk past (me)
Beatiful girl, expose yourself for me
Beatigul girl, yes please come over to me - to me
I will certainly be sweet to you - beatiful girl!
  • 1. a. b. c. d. "Doch" doesn't exist in the English language. "Doch" is used as emphasis here.
  • 2. She is so beatiful, he could scream
  • 3. Literal translation: "To burn through with someone" = to run away with someone, it doesn't have the same meaning as "to burn for someone"
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