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Schatten meiner Seele (Angol translation)

  • Előadó: Suizid
  • Dal: Schatten meiner Seele Album: Schatten meiner Seele (2021)
  • Fordítások: Angol, Spanyol
Angol translationAngol

Shadow of my soul

Senseless you grab my soul
Try to deceive me
Whatever I try, the pain will stay
It's always been the same
I'm in my own shadow
Am not the one I used to be
Can't forgive myself for what I've done
I cut my throat and laid there bleeding
Stood at the end of my life, but i didn't give a damn
The regret I carried with myself is equal to my shame
My dirty thoughts want to hunt me
In the shadow of my soul I live on for eternity
Was that it? A suffering existence...
Deadly poison flows through my veins
With ever breath I hear myself crying for help
Endless pain corrupts my soul
Whatever I try, I can't forgive myself
The blood runs out of my body
I remember when my life still belonged to me
The days pass until the day of my death (and I wait alone)
I wonder when I'll finally be dead
Soon the realm of the dead is awaiting me
My fire and flame in which I burn for eternity
The hellish suffering I must endure
The shadow of my consciousness comes, I'm not who I once knew
In my final sorrow I say goodbye to life
In my final emptiness I can't see myself anymore
I take a last breath and go
No one can understand my intention
Now I lay there, am going to die mangily
Because my dirty existence was solely a waste
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Schatten meiner Seele

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