Maija Vilkkumaa - Se ei olekaan niin (Angol translation)

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It's Not Like That

Child on my door, so pathetic
he's selling Spring Bee*
he addresses formally and he says good day
the dishes stink, I'm ashamed
I thought that time would eat my sadness
and that hope would surpass my despair
I thought that every night ends
to the rays of light
But it's not like that
I don't have any money, the child leaves
the hall enlarges and decreases
I almost shout him to come back
I am crazy and I am mad
I always thought that something would stay
something that can't be rased
can't tear it even though the goodbye is said
But it's not like that
and somewhere outside are you and new
tense forced cheerfullness
I am blood, I am violence
I want to shout and hurt
I thought that the hate will get tired
that the sadness would die or dim
I thought that the pain goes away
just disappears
But it's not like that
I thought that I control this
my mind and my life
yea, I thought that you and her
will just be forgotten
But it's not like that
it's not like that
it's not like that
it's not like that
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Spring Bee is a magazine made by children and published once a year by elementary schools of Helsinki.


Se ei olekaan niin

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