Sevillanas de la probeta (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Test tube sevillanas (Spanish version)

I was a spermatozoon
who lived satisfied
a bit on the left
a bit on the right
While I was waiting for the day
of commit my destiny
I hear that from outside comes
a voice saying this:
"Take this test tube
come on friend proceed
and behind that folding screen
do what you can"
"And if you need a hand
for the thing to work
call that young woman
who's a nursery student"
And after a while
our time was coming
We placed to the platform
for making the lift-off
we went out in mob
to reach our goal
and we were left stuck
at the bottom of a tube
and in a sperm bank
they put us below zero
What a witty bank!
where they save junk
instead of saving money.
Nobody can stand it
there's a blistering cold
frozen and canned
like a northern tuna.
The customers come
with their grinded husbands
who by lacking of fresh gender
they pick the frozen one.
One asks a pound
the other a quarter and half
each one stocks up
according to their need.
When all is ready
the assistant asks them
"Do you want it wrapped
or will you put it on?"
I put on a kind face
and they, don't mind
if I don't shake the tail
it's because it's frozen.
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Sevillanas de la probeta