Шалабуда (Angol translation)

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I like you
Like a wind blowing in my face
Like a rain
Like the sun out of window
Like the tipsy smell of flowers
But not more.
You are hard-hearted
You are unfeeling
So go to hell!
I don't want you
The end! I'm going
I loved you so much,
I caressed you so much.
I can't believe I did it!
I was a fool one, bought you a bouquet of flowers
And took you for a drive in a lift
But you are a traitor!
You are like a tree (unfeeling)
And without a hysteria
You was walking in a park
With a guy
The end! I'm going…
I have forgotten about
4 rubles with a change
I have spent on
Your ice cream
And lula kebab
Enjoy it!
I don't love you -
You are bad!
Think on your own
What can you do with the face you have
The end! I'm going
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