Night After Night dalszöveg

  • Előadó: Sherey Champagne (Sonja Hubmann, Sonni)
  • Album: Night After Night (1989)

Night After Night

Here I'm lying with my whole desire
My naked pleasure turns to fire
But there are teardrops in my eyes
Love is on its way to save my life
'Cause I want nothing but survive
I want to pay the highest price
Night after night I [...] cryin' (Night after night)
Night after night I'm thinkin' of you (Night after night)
Night after night your shadow is here in my bed
But I want your body instead
Tears have left blue traces on my face
And now I beg for your embrace
To make me feel this way again
Now I'm ready to undress my soul
My dreams are far beyond control
Hey, I don't want no other man
(Chorus 2x)
(Chorus 2x)
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