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Little miss

Little pale miss
Sweet fifth floor's neighbor
There's no night that I don't dream of Naples
And I've been for twenty years far away
In my town it snows,
The church's bell tower is white
All the wood's has become ash
I'm always cold
And I'm sad and tired.
My love,
Don't you remember that when you said me goodbye
You put a violet in my buttonhole
The you told me with a tremblant voice:
Don't forget me.
Sweet days of party,
Sweet happiness made of nothing.
Toasts with waterfilled glasses
To our poor and innocent love.
In your eyes passed
a hope, a dream and a caress,
Your name was unforgettable,
A long and short name: youth.
My little kid,
found in an old latin book,
Found - guess what - a violet.
Why in my eyes it trembled a tear?
Who knows, who knows why!
And years and days pass
as always and gray with boredom,
Our leaves don't green anymore,
My little miss, what a melancholy!
You, pale and in love,
don't needlepoint at your loom,
Me staying here I became the good "Don Cesare
I'm wearing my cape and I act like a lawyer.
While in the distance,
While I hear you, the bell rings
On the little church of Jesus,
And it snows, if you'd see how it snows.
But you, where are you?
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