Sing to the Lord of harvest (Román translation)


Sing to the Lord of harvest

1 Sing to the Lord of harvest,
Sing songs of love and praise;
With joyful hearts and voices
Your alleluias raise:
By Him the rolling seasons
In fruitful order move;
Sing to the Lord of harvest
A song of happy love.
2 By Him the clouds drop fatness,
The deserts bloom and spring;
The hills leap up in gladness,
The valleys laugh and sing:
He filleth with His fulness
All things with large increase;
He crowns the year with goodness,
With plenty, and with peace.
3 Heap on His sacred altar
The gifts His goodness gave,
The golden sheaves of harvest,
The souls He died to save:
Your hearts lay down before Him,
When at His feet ye fall,
And with your lives adore Him
Who gave His life for all.
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Sing to the Lord of harvest
Author: John S. B. Monsell (1866)

Román translationRomán (metered, poetic, rhyming, singable)
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Domnul Recoltei

Pe-al recoltei Domn,
Intr-un glas sa-L laudam.
Cu bucurie slava
Din inimi sa Ii dam.
Prin El e primavara,
Si primul ghiocel,
Si toamna, iarna, vara
Sunt toate doar prin El.
Din nori ne da iubire,
Prin Harul Sau bogat ,
Vai, dealuri in unire,
II canta neincetat.
Cu bunatati nespuse,
Mereu ne-a-ncununat,
Lui toate-I sunt supuse,
Caci El e Imparat!
Aduceti azi recolta
Si spicele pe-altar,
Slavita-I fie jertfa
Si nesfarsitu-I Har.
Veniti cu inimi sfinte,
Cu toti sa ne’nchinam,
Preabunului Parinte,
Mereu sa Ii cantam.
Lui Dumnezeu Preasfantul,
Ce ne-a iubit ne-a iubit nespus,
Ii inchinam azi cantul,
Si Domnului Isus,
Si Duhului de-a pururi,
Caci zilnic e cu noi,
Pan’ vom canta in ceruri,
In Ziua de Apoi.
Marius Alexandru
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