Sink into oblivion

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Meanings of "Sink into oblivion"


To become lost to obscurity

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"Sink into oblivion" in lyrics

Garou - The Confession

Subsists the heart of the both of us

The more I sink into oblivion,
The more our memories bewitch me

Unheilig - Witchhunt

That a funeral pyre is burning
And everyone that has another point of view
Will sink into oblivion

Carlos Gardel - Loneliness

that look at me with mockingly glances.
It is an endless caravan
that sink into oblivion with its spectral grimace.
With it goes your mouth, that was mine,

Zazie - Rodeo

You fall, you get back up
Until the day you snuff it
All of this just to sink into oblivion
It's over, Cowboy, it's over,

Smilers - Just for forgetting

I would tear myself apart
I get into your safetiness
And sink into oblivion

Arktida - Remember

Remember - throught suffering.
Remember! Remember! Remember!
Let doubts and fear sink into oblivion.
Illnesses and old age have disappeared in centuries.

Eyal Golan - At the end of each day

Far away, at the end of the light
I found that you can choose
To sink into oblivion
Or accept yourself at the end of each day

Dany Bédar - To Make Peace With Love

The darkness that goes hand-in-hand with despair
This despair who's following me
And makes me sink into oblivion

Artesia - Encounter With The Lady

I walk into the night, just like a soul alone in this world
I sink into oblivion, following the hymn of the waves
Those soft silvery rays reflecting on the water

Zaur Temirov - Don't Call Me

Years will pass, childhood will sink into oblivion
we'll nevet get back tht row of tht time
we'll never get back tht irresponsobility and our happy days
we cannot get back tht universe where we were alone

Verikalpa - Dungeon

The Dungeon has the fumes of death
In the darkness you sink into oblivion
The cold and the endless bleakness

Udo Jürgens - Farewell, you summer days

Weaves tears into your dress
The ashes of my love
Sink into oblivion

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (OST) - I cannot see tomorrow

In an immeasurable sadness,
I feel a great emptiness,
I sink into oblivion,
I have no more friends and I cannot feel happy,

Sydänpuu - Rainmaker

Tonight I won’t go to damnation
Maybe through the stargarden somebody is watching me
In his eyes I won’t sink into oblivion

ABSURD (RUSSIA) - Beyond The Dawn

Followin' in the tracks of starfall
There beyond dawn
I shall sink into oblivion