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My Love dalszöveg

  • Előadó: Starlito (All $tar Cashville Prince) Featuring artist: Don Trip
  • Album: Introversion (2015)

My Love

[Verse 1: Starlito]
Now she tryna figure out what's wrong with me
Tryna do this love thing long distance
No place like home when I'm gone miss me
Just know that it's all business
Hate getting questioned bout a call I didn't get
Hate getting texted with her talking' that shit
Hate getting caught but it is what it is
I'm a pimp to a hoe and a dog to a bitch
Also a man to a woman
I don't often admit but I get lost in this shit
Everywhere I go somebody talking' bout kids
And I ain't got one really want three
Still really want threesome in the middle of the week
Still dealing with issues from dealing in the streets
Silly ole me
Devoted so much time (that's what Monica told them)
I can't promise to hold your heart so cold the thermometer frozen
Every time I'm gone I'm not with no hoes
Y'all know how that shit go
I can't lie she been on my mind even my momma know
[Verse 2: Starlito]
Arguing over little to nothing
Fighting over the last words
Who can over react worst
Who can pack up they bags first
I'm looking forward to looking back just to laugh at that last verse
That or my love lost and not knowing what I had was worth
I'm still a dog and I ain't finna quit
I know some dime bitches that ain't worth ten cents
[Verse 3 : Don Trip]
She keeps calling, she wants to argue
She keeps calling she wants to argue bout me not calling
Or me not calling enough, I'm busy I must be ballin'
She don't get it I'm grindin'' tryna keep us from starving
Ain't no nine to five gon supply all that fancy shit I go buy
All them bags she love so much
All those places she likes to dine
She thinks my day consists of diggin' in a thousand bitches
Truth is I'm in the studio ten hour blocks until the album finished
Its so hard to concentrate and deal with home even when I'm gone she feel neglected
She all alone Its starting to show she's not as strong
Not as strong as I wish she was
And I do all of this shit for us
Ain't no groupies ain't no side hoes I gave up all that shit for her
I gave up all of that shit for love
Just for so she can say I ain't did enough
So she can tell me I never call or I never text
I'm like what the fuck
I carry the world on both my shoulders and still manage to hold both her hands
She wants me to lift her up but I need her to help me stand
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