Storie d'amore (Angol translation)


Storie d'amore

Grazie, amore mio,
di aver sfidato
tutto il mondo insieme a me,
di aver cercato
un'altra vita accanto a me,
di aver sbagliato
e poi pagato anche di più,
insieme a me.
Grazie perché so
che questo amore
non potrà finire mai.
Anche se il mondo
sta crollando intorno a noi,
non piangerò,
in qualche modo riuscirò
a dirti addio.
Ma dirti addio non è possibile,
pensare a te e non sorridere,
non esser lì negli occhi tuoi.
Ma no, non dico addio
perché tu vivi in me,
noi siamo ormai
la terra e l'albero,
la lucce, il sole, di più non so,
di più non so.
Grazie, amore mio,
da questa sera
a casa solo tornerò,
dal tuo bicchiere
come al solito berrò,
sul tuo cuscino
la mia mano correrà...
...e sarai là.
Sul tuo cuscino
la mia mano correrà...
...e sarai là!
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Angol translation (poetic)
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Love Story

Thank you, my love,
to have challenged
the whole world together with me—
to have tried
another life at my side—
to have been wrong
and then paid even more—
together with me.
Thank you because I know
that this love
will never end.
Even if the world
collapses around us,
I will not cry—
somehow I will manage
to say goodbye.
But telling you goodbye is not possible—
to think of you and not to smile—
to not be there in your eyes.
But no—I'm not saying goodbye
because you live in me.
We are now
the earth and the tree—
the light, the sun—I know nothing more,
I know nothing more.
Thank you, my love—
from this night forward,
I will only come back to you—
from your glass
I will drink as usual—
onto your pillow
I will slide my hand—
and you will be there.
Onto your pillow
I will slide my hand—
and you will be there.
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This is an adaptation of an American song made famous in the 1970 tear-jerk movie entitled "Love Story." It was first covered by Andy Williams that same year and became one of his biggest hits. Many, many other artists have since covered the song. For more information, see:

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