string along

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string along (Angol) — [to string someone along] - to make someone continue believing something that is false for a long time, especially something about your intentions or beliefs.

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Translations of "string along"

Angollead on
Héberלהוליך שולל
OroszВодить за нос

"string along" in lyrics

that my love was an addiction.
When we cli~g our love is strong.
When you go you're gone forever.
You string along, you string along.

Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon,

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon

Swing by me once in a while
Don't discard me as I'm rascal
My mind is fleeing don't string along with me
Don't be deceived, be careful

Emel Müftüoğlu - Rascal

And sing and they'll sing your song-
Laugh while you're getting on-
Smile and they'll string along-
And nobody's gonna know.
Nobody's gonna know.

Alan Price - Poor People

Dedicated to her dear husband, Amos

Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong
But he doesn't care, he'll string along
He loves me so
That funny honey of mine

Renée Zellweger - Funny Honey

"Go find another lover;
To bring a- to string along!"

"With all your lies,

Bon Iver - For Emma

More than you know.

Whether you're right, whether you're wrong
Man of my heart, I'll string along.
You need me so - more than you'll ever know...

Ruth Etting - More Than You Know

You occasionally stop me
Let me masher minced
My mind is fleeing don't string along with me
But oops the games is coming

Emel Müftüoğlu - Rascal

Gwiazdy płaczą dziś krwią
Czy dostrzegasz ich ból?

Bleedin pride to be proud, string along
Ta -ta- take'em under stripes right home

Kontrust - Nadziei krzyk

Dune Buggy.

See the world spin round in dune buggy
String along let's scram far out off the ground
Never felt so good she's a beauty
Bet she is a sight for your poor old eyes.

Oliver Onions (Guido e Maurizio De Angelis) - Dune Buggy

want nothing to do with your intentions
I'm sick and tired of being a puppet
that you string along to the beat
that you string along to the beat
I'm way more than a pretty face

Kylee Renee - Mannequin

The stars are crying with blood today
Can you see their pain?

Bleedin pride to be proud, string along
Ta -ta- take'em under stripes right home

Kontrust - The scream of hope

Push it by the, push it by the, push it by the same
Got da same, got da same got da shabby same outcome
Bleedin out for the stars - Is that all that you want?
Bleedin pride to be proud - String along
Ta -ta- take'em under stripes right home
Bleedin out for the stars - Bleedin out here were we are

Kontrust - We Add the World

want some help
but you just resist it
a promise made
with a string ----along with it

don't go makin no blood pacts

Kegz - Devils

(can’t bear to break her heart)
’cause without me, she would fall apart;
(she would fall apart)
so, I string along the days together,
while wishing I could fade away forever.
I’m in pain.

Scott Alan - I'm In Pain

He's a jinx, jinx, everything goes wrong.
He's a jinx, jinx, when he string along.

It's Saturday night and there's parties on, but we can't get in any 'cos he's come along.

Die Toten Hosen - The Jinx