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It's True

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It's true, I havent been a flower*
departure wont hurt me
It's true, I sinned very much
You will live without me easily
It's true, I'm not a little girl
not to admit anyone that i did something wrong
I've broken the most beautiful doll
I destroyed everything that was nice
It's true
that sometimes i drank too much
that I melt with someone else
and sank all of your dreams
It's true
I didnt know how to do it with you
It didnt work out [we didnt work out]
because i was madly in love with you
It's true that i was selfish
Sometimes maybe too simple
But for one thing, you have to admit
I was perfect
For your flaws practical
for better days tragical
but for one thing, you have to admit it
I was perfect
It's true that i was difficult
confort yourself, i was your mistake
it's true, if it means anything to you
i tell to myself: cry
Kűldve: Adrienne Hétfő, 29/12/2008 - 09:02
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*meaning: i havent been a good girl


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zenicaoka    Kedd, 04/01/2011 - 22:45

good translation though