Takard El (Angol translation)

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Cover it

And the night, with yellow eyes, steals an hour,
and while in labor, it’s waiting for the new day.
Frozen is the heart, frozen is the earth,
this is playing a perpetual
Twenty Questions with God,
accounting for life.
The act is revolving just as as the Earth revolves;
this is perpetual.
How it turns over,
when purple’s dawning through the landscape.
How will you cover your eyes
if you’re waiting for waking up with your hands up?
The wind repaints the filth at night.
A plethora of colors will be born from oil.
What was dead before now lives again,
and it will last forever.
Keep holding it, now it’s light anyway.
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Takard El

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Nonman    Péntek, 01/06/2018 - 09:48

The video description says:

"The clip is about the constant circle: the members of the band are trying to put an end to the bleak everyday life that restrains them and to life situations in which they do not have freedom... But to no avail.”