Ricardo Arjona - Tarde (sin danos a terceros) (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Late (without collateral damage)

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Precisely right now
You break into my life
With that exact body and murderer eyes
Late as always
Our destine arrives.
You were with him
I was with her
Pretending to be happy out of despair
For to not waiting for dreams
For the fear of staying alone
But we arrived late
I saw you and you saw me
We recognized each other at once
But late
I damn the hour
When I found what I’d been dreaming of,
So much dreaming of you and missing you without having you
So much inventing you
So much searching for you on the streets like crazy
Without finding you
And there one plays the fool
Out of despair
Confusing love with company
And that stupid fear of getting old without a partner
Makes you choose with your head what is heart's matter
And I’m not annoyed with them
My wrath is against time
For placing you beside me,
Desire to run away
To not even see your shadow
To think this was a dream or a nightmare
That you never appeared
That you have never existed
Desire to kiss you
To coincide with you
To get little closer
And tie you up in a hug
To look into your eyes
And welcome you
But we arrived late
I saw you and you saw me
We recognized each other at once
But late
Maybe in another lives
Maybe in another deaths
Such a yearning to brush by you
Such a yearning to touch you
To come closer to you and strike you down with a kiss
To elope forever
Without collateral damages.
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Tarde (sin danos a terceros)

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