the thing is

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the thing is (Angol) — mesele şu ki

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the thing is — sorun şu ki

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"the thing is" in lyrics

I don’t like this, oh no

Nicky Jam

(The thing is that) Me without you
And you without me
Tell me who can be happy

Nicky Jam - Forgiveness

And you and I are from the Caribbean

The thing is rather wild, the thing is divine
Peru with Honduras, Chile with Argentina
Panama brings the zandunga, Ecuador the bilirubin**

Gente de Zona - La Gozadera*

Give me that little body already
We'll have fun, this night is made for having a good time

The thing is I don't bear the desire to make you mine
The monotony got you tired
I'll give you everything that he doesn't


Song: I don't want candies anymore
Spoken: Sometimes I don't understand you
Song: The roses and the violins / this evening tell another girl about them,
violins and roses I can feel them / when the thing is okay for me if it's okay for me,
this is the moment / and then we'll see
Spoken: One word more

Mina - Words

Your fire calmed my coldness.
The night was a faithful witness.
And the destiny was the complice,
The thing that combined your body with mine.

And it's that you kiss me so good.

Reykon - Imagining you

And the thing is I am starting to think
That true love happens only the first time.
And the thing is I am starting to suspect
That the others are only [there] to forget.

La Oreja de Van Gogh - ROSAS

and, my best friend, you can't leave me anymore
because by you're side we'll build up dreams
the thing is not forgetting about them
the thing is you being in them..

Because like the moon and the sea

Cali & El Dandee - I need you

Everything has a game... everyghing has a game
Everybody inside the fire

The thing is that you know what I'm looking for
Nech shoulders chin
I am a chronic (uncurable) bastard

Tiziano Ferro - Pervert

Because woman, I never forgot you but,
my situation is such a pity, my heart is suffering

Why aren't you here for me, & the thing is, you're not here for me
Why aren't you here for me, I know that you're not here for me
I cry because you're not here for me, I suffer because you're not here for me

Omega el Fuerte - Tu No Ta Pa Mi

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

Ellie Goulding - Your Song

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

Elton John - Your Song

Wipe off from my mouth your sweet taste,
Not miss you when nighttime comes
And without pointing fingers, accept your goodbye
But the thing is I still love you.
I wish I could forget you.
With another [lover] remove you from my being forever

Luis Fonsi - quisiera poder olvidarme de ti

I feel no guilt, I have no aim, I have no reason
but I love you so so so much my love
songa chichi!
The thing is you know I love you like this, It's my pleasure to love you
it's a trap, it's a lance that traspasses my quietness
that I love you this way, It's my pleasure to meet you

Chichi Peralta - Amor narcotico

If there's no noise
Wherever you are...

The thing is, I'm still here
Searching for a thousand reasons that will help me
Move on, but they are useless

David Bisbal - The noise

The thing is that I can not, I can not forget you
The thing is that I can not, I can not forget you
The thing is that I can not, I can not forget you
The thing is that I can not

Victor Manuelle - I've tried

what you know do it , you have the rythm
dance Beautiful girl and bring your sister
to start at night and finish in the morning
the thing is good but with passion
if you want to become a fool but don't leave me

Jencarlos Canela - Dance, Dance

I wake up and look so forward to seeing you
and the thing is, you and I have a connection,
I am the tree to your river
that bathes me in your sweetness,

La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho - De Ti Exclusivo

zun zun breaking hips
zun zun she killed
zun zun the thing is good
zun zun dancing in the club
zun zun there is chemical

Wisin & Yandel - Zun Zun Breaking hips

And 1, 2, 3, Jesus Christ died so much for nothing
I hope that everything will be alright

But the thing is that there is no more room
So that she could grow some more
She had just one issue

Indochine - Alice and June

I am in search of my destination
Where is it,Where is it,o path tell something
Which is its place of stay,o path tell something
The thing that the eyes search for,god knows where it is

The temple's empty, there is no good omen

Lucky Ali - I don't know what my heart searches

But these things I do
You see I've forgotten
If they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

Moulin Rouge! (OST) - Your Song

Now we're kissing and we're saying to each other
Just a little I do
But the thing is what we really want to say
It cannot be said
And I promise I will never let the death

Monika (Greece) - Yes I do

And a bit of love to cure her sorrow

And the thing is, there's no respect for clean air
And there's no respect, for little birds
And there's no respect, for the earth that we step on

Bebe - Ska of the Earth

probably that's because there's rust between me and nature
and if you drive me to a tourist farm
I'm bored after just two hours (lit. I'm crashing my bollocks-means to bore oneself to death)
the thing is I need these smells
I need this thin powder in my lungs
I need dealers and entrepreneurs

J-Ax - Immoral

The high society

Hello, hello, martian
The thing is getting really bad
Too much patrol, too much mess
The wall started graffitting

Elis Regina - Hello, Hello, Martian

If I rhyme hard you suffer, if I rhyme soft you cry

The thing is you're so mamao for making stuff up about Calderona.

With DJ Black the Aballarde

Tego Calderon - Cosa Buena Cantado

- Yo, sleeping to much eh dude, a thousand things happening and you're there.
- What time is it?
- It's twenty past noon, look
the thing is,
Im not kidding you, look,
It's about something hot.

Racionais MC’s - Jesus Cried

Without retaliation, without retaliation.
As I want to me pure. So we call our mother in Cuba,
For being pure in love, heart, dedication, courage,
In cure when the thing is already hard, hard, hard ...

Look at me as you do, mommy, look at me like a while ago.

Orishas - Look at me

of not finding the money you want without being dishonest
And you make up deluded schemings
You keep pretending not to know that someone created the Earth
But the thing is that everything has its begining
And the day it happens, one day it'll end, I just feel sorry for you all

Capital Inicial - Fatima

Who do I tell my sorrows to in this bar
who can I unburden myself with
if the thing is I cannot find
I had heard so many times that loving and wanting
are not the same.

Hector Acosta - con que ojos

who so long as you wanted,
would promise you a thousand stars.

And the thing is I have am wretched,
because I don't even know how to be without you,
I walk with blinders on wandering aimlessly,

Duelo - a veces

Stupeflip quick Stupeflip quick
Sutpe-Stupeflip quick
Stupeflip quick Stupeflip quick
The thing is alive in the minds even if it's burnt in the shops
You locked him up, gagged him, tied him X2 Oh yeaaah

Stupeflip - Stupeflip quick !!!

Forgive me for being here so early
but the thing is I need to talk to someone
to tell my sorrows to, to pour it all out
I fell in love with a gorgeous woman

yelsid - me libere

You're going at it more violently than Sylvester Stallone
Take it down a notch, my brother
There's no rush here...
(But the thing is I have a cheese!)
Look, Bobby, forget about that
Look, when you come in

Calle 13 - La Aguacatona

She's breaking my brain, I'm pretty sure she's crazy
She doesn't trust Booba, she keeps going through my phone
It's true, I'm more successful since 'Nouvelle École'[fn]One of Booba's songs, meaning 'New School'.[/fn] came out
I tell myself 'I'm gonna ditch her'[fn]'Her' is he's talking about the girl, 'it' if he's talking about a song. It's not really clear here.[/fn], but the thing is, she's good
So I close my eyes, I glide
Through clouds and smoke, alone in my rocket

Booba - Killer

Hello señora…
Forgive my forwardness...
The thing is it's been days since I've talked to your daughter...
And if you see her I'd like for you to please...

Trébol Clan - Digale

Soon I say, its nothing with her
Frustrated she says, boy you are weird
The thing is that I have a voice that doesn't leaves my head, no
The thing is that I have a voice deep inside my head

Be careful, careful with my hearth

Anselmo Ralph - Be Careful

that I'm always in another world, repeating to the wind "I want to see her today"

the thing is I was a victim of her gaze; I swear that I no longer know who I am

her way of talking to me full of pandemonium, seems to carry me to a glorious paradise; I can't help falling into her arms and being a slave to her ruby lips

Duelo - Pobre loco

Someday day the future will come
And from the present
Who cares about everyone else?
If the thing is they're always going to talk
Carry on filling this minute
With reasons to breathe

Pablo Milanés - I'm not asking you to bring me down

Like many others, but you are not here
You're in the unreality of steps, emptiness and clouds
Unreality of losses - that belongs to the past, believe me
But the thing is..
I miss you so much
I miss you so much

VIA Gra (Nu Virgos) - So Much

talk more and don’t ask me no more
thousands of women say that they are your friends
i don’t think i’ve lost you
the thing is that people are always saying bad things about me
and for you is not enough what i’m giving to you
actualy i suffered, if you are not (with me) i die

Ivy Queen - Llora mi corazon

By your side I am no longer frightened
I don't want for warmth and your kisses
they're always ready for me
the thing is I also discovered a paradise of affection
of passions of a thousand crazy acts

Domenic Marte - Con Los Ojos Cerrados


Nedeljko Bajić Baja - Miniskirt

Rires :
- Me too.
- But, the thing is we mustn't talk before the end
- Wait, gotta do it again
- Can you do it again please?

Plastiscines - Camera

I'll go there, I'll go there
This is a crime
Giving it to you down to the floor
The thing is tonight is
Until the leather breaks
Motivating everyone to -la yal-, everyone to -la yal-

Zion & Lennox - yo voy voy voy

Alex Sensation

And the thing is that the bad one's got you hooked
But the good one got me tied up
by day she's sweet , at night she's salty

Gente de Zona - The bad one and the good one

This has started to get a bit dangerous
The way you look at me is not the same as before
I don't know why I can see it in your eyes, the thing is...
The thing is that I like you and you like me
And that worries me a bit, it scares even myself

Tony Tun Tun - You are provoking me

Listen, I'm going to tell you something
even if it hurts you deeply, as it hurts me.
I could lie to you, if I knew how to
the thing is I can't fall in love with you

No, no, I can't fall in love with you,

Joaquin Sabina - I can't fall in love with you

And the rain is drawing on the windows
Reminding me of your kisses
The thing is that the rain doesn't take any chances
But I fear I lost you.

Hi-Fi - Seventh petal

but from a long time ago i got the feeling
that something yells and says "this is not like that,
it could be another way"
The thing is not like that
Who do you think you are?

Julieta Venegas - How do I know?

and I believe her
you tell her “I love you”
but she tells you “I appreciate you”
the thing is that she knows very well
that no excuses are made to her, no
I’m going to have some dignitiy

La Sista - Se Desvive Por Ella

Please don't leave me wanting to whisper to your ear
And with just a word, making your body warm

The thing is that you provoke me different sensations
Just with a kiss from your lips any problem fades away

horoscopos de durango - Please don't leave me wanting it

oh jealousy gets the best of me
I feel like my pride
breaks and shatters
the thing is I'd like
even for one minute
to trade places with him

Tony Dize - Envuelvete

And the thing is there's no respect for matters concerning the common man
And the thing is there's no respect from governments
And the thing is there's no respect for puss*cat cars*
And the thing is there's no respect and the world has been lit [on fire]
Y poquito de amor que le cure la penita que tiene.
La tierra tiene fiebre necesita medicina

Bebe - Ska de la tierra

I throw stones at my feet
’cause they stray and lead to defeat
A couple of big ones at my heart
’cause the thing is freezing cold
But my nafs is still alive
And kicking unstoppable and on a roll

Sami Yusuf - Try not to cry little one

Where grapes
I'm certainly not in time,
Forgive me!
But the thing is I don't the city!
If only you could save me
And take me

Yulia Savicheva - Grapes

Tell me if I ever left you
There's no frontier thant can keep me away from you
I love you more than anyone else, and I've showed it to you, my love.
The thing is that Love never asks
nor hesitates, it just appears
it wraps around your body and catches you

Luis Vargas - Asi Es El Amor

without knowing where they are going.

Never mind fame and never mind success
the thing is just to have fun
Enjoy life, be a good man
don‘t whine, bullshit and fathre.

Blár Ópal - Stand Up

dancing 'perreo' all over you (Dancing 'perreo' all over you!)

The thing is I'm not cute, but many chicks say I'm fine,
that I *, I am sweeter than a guarapo***,
they all think I must be cheaper,

Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Tight in the club

exists law but doesnt connect
dont get upset

the elephant sees that the thing is worse
calls the guard , but the guard certainly doesnt help them
maybe would be better to make peace with the ant

Cleopatra Stratan - the elephant and the ant

this is how I would be without you
Just imagine a candy without sweetness
Just imagine coffee full of bitterness
and maybe you will understand the thing is... I need to have you.

Despina Vandi - Just Imagine

And your friends are always saying
Get rid of that man; throw him to the wind

The thing is you know I'm violent
When I find you in your chamber
What you did is irreparable

DEX (Vocaloid) - Mentirosa

I pin my hopes on it
I pin my hopes on it

The thing is important to me

Tété - I pin my hopes on it

You find me primitive,
I think thats relative.
Your happiness in my lap,
but the thing is to big for you.
I want to convince you
to make a child with me.

Schnipo Schranke - Piss

The trip continues and the things goes forward

It goes forward and forward
The thing goes forward, it goes forward and goes forward

I am hunting a cougar here from the Kivimetsä

Stig - I'm hunting a cougar

It doesn't make any sense as long as I stay who I am
It I stay who I am, relationship is senseless
For you the sense of the thing is missing when I am with you
When I am with you

Tagtraeumer - Sense

All the money in your purse then I will get out of there
I could come home to you any day I want
Are you lying and shaking awake and scared
Under a sheet behind your bed the thing is this
That HaniBani and Fattaru have decided
That to leave you alone would be absurd

Fattaru - Mina Hundar

You are the one I love in this world, but
Let me prove you wrong if you don't mind
The thing is the science has proved the fact
That all the females are born monogamous
I'm not gonna make you feel scared by that

Semyon Slepakov - Dialogue between a husband and wife

you stay with my aroma and every moment
your caress elevates me up to the very heavens
You've turned into my obsession but I don't regret it
and the thing is you've already robbed me of even my feelings
I had never felt for anyone what I feel now
You've turned into a thief of my body

El Chapo de Sinaloa - Ladrona

No matter what I do
And they say, it is like that, since I am like that
And perhaps they are right
The thing is that I'd like to fly away
If I would only know where to

Azad - Fly Away

badly to you
because you want to be with two
the thing is not the same
ı dont want anything with you

Optimo - Te Va Mal

today I thank him, my girl, my familie
because without their help I wasnt today here

The thing is that on the street there are loads of dangerous
thats why I ask what will the with those kids
I ask a God to show those kids a right way

morodo - I ask myself

it seems that we will get there.
Guanacaste is no longer here.
The wind has stopped singing it to me.
The thing is I must look
farther north than the memory.

Malpaís - Mas al Norte de Recuerdo

and I expected to hold this Earth accountable for that last pact
to go deep into your shore that today would rather be alone
oddly [enough] today you're very quiet
and the thing is you look as if you were asleep
on spaces cared for by nests from the aureolas
and I'm afraid to awaken you and that you'll end up vanishing again

Daniel F - La travesia de tu ausencia

for how long can
these photos save me.

The thing is that I don't wait anymore, I miss you,
I cannot be without you.
Waiting is hurting me,

Moenia - cannot be without you

Every girl has to
Try a savage once

The thing, the thing is:
When love happens,
Don't let it get away

Magazin - The morning after

And so scrumptious
To season you up and hide the salami
If I start to freak out*, we'll see what they give me
The thing is I would have to lose you*
So as to not be able to give you*
[What*] today I will give you

Case De Leones - Sometimes I think

And forget me
Wake up, darling
that the thing is harsh and it doesn’t rests
If you run the thing catches you
If stays I don’t know

Chico Buarque - Wake up darling

we're not done here
So now I punch the glass I flew for
Everything I thought that I would die for
The thing is worth it
You can't take my last breath I'm holding my breath
I endure the pain

Cir.Cuz - Invicible

Take it off
Wanna see you, work it, oh my god, pose bitch
And the thing is that I know you know
Pose, bitch, and you bouncing like I know you know
Bitch, I know you know

Rihanna - Pose

Therefore, I can play anything on it, I just need another song request.
"Beethoven?" Ah, you want Smoke on the Water? (3)
The guitar doesn't sound right now because of the boiling heat.
Also, the thing is broken, it has a hole in the middle.
Now believe me, in spite of that, I am a guitarist. I am leaving.
I don't grow my hair to my shoulders just for fun (4)- Hook!

Alligatoah - Münchhausen 1

A flash of light blinded me
Or was my intuition that failed,
Perhaps I chose to travel the longest way
The thing is that, after you, I went.
I didn't know how to play
And I lost.

Dulce María - Foreigner


You never wondered why I never said anything
The thing is you're so beautiful that my words are hypnotized
Tell me again that what we have is dangerous
Don't even ask how I feel; walk away and leave me alone.

Domenic Marte - No Title

And I've searched in what's forbidden
To have some good food

And the thing is the reality
I need
Is gone following

Extremoduro - If you leave

Hey man, it's not gonna work
It has nothing to do with you
I'm sorry, it's me, the thing is : I'm Picky !

I'm Picky and all the girls I drive them crazy

Shaka Ponk - I'm Picky

Say hi to my jailbird friends Günther, Harry, and Eddy
I don’t pay a penny ‘cause I win at shootin’ craps ⁶
You’ll find Arabs here, you’ll find Turks here
The thing is, we’re allowed to shower twice per week
The guards are coming, how come? I didn’t even call them.
They still didn’t come to visit and my mother cries

Bushido - Public Enemy Number One

I say hi to my buddies, Günter, Harry and Eddy
I don’t pay a single penny that I win playing dice
Here you find Arabs and Turks
The thing is, we’re allowed to shower two times a week
The overseers are coming, why? I haven’t called them
They haven’t visited me yet and my mom cries,

Bushido - Public enemy # 1

I'm probably here in the wrong time
Forgive me
But the thing is
that I don't know the city
Could you please save me

Yulia Savicheva - Grapes

I go worst with time
I think about it and sometimes I say:
Stay at home that you are better off
The thing is that is mornig time
Amparo very politely leaves
She says to me: There's nothing up,

Café Quijano - Tequila

I'd manage to find the way
To approach happiness

But the thing is, you cannot make it up,
This dead calm, so dead
Without a single cloud, without a beating heart...

Paris Combo - Attraction

Your perfect love

Oh, boy, what a fight
We fought and the thing is
We were both right
Okay, I'm crazy but maybe

Simply Red - Perfect Love

and I follow with broken hands [human defects]
trying to become a good person,
to see if by doing so I can have you,
but the thing is that you always or nearly always
arrive with the sun.

Alejandro Filio - You Arrive with the Sun

Each bud must blossom and grow, oh...

Young girl, one day you will be old
But the thing is, I love you NOW
Mmm ...

Morrissey - Disappointed

'Cause now my best friend, my partner in crime
I'm afraid it looks like we're gonna have to go our separate ways
You see, the thing is, I love you, I love you
But you see, I resent you all the same
And all my other friends, they're just saying you're slowing me down

Paolo Nutini - Coming Up Easy


You missed - the thing is fun
Come on be a part of it - and count to three
The song is almost - off and over

The Skatoons - Hitmachine

Tell him I am (tell him it's me) the one that you love the most
And that today, I went up to your window (to your window)
And that no, I'm not going to be second place
And the thing is, I don't want to be


Randy Nota Loka - Hidden Love

I look at the Bouncer and think "God, let us in"
And an angel puts a stamp on my artery*
You know what the thing is, the owner (here) owns me
I'm so fucking tired and the road of life needs roadwork
I got problems, but nothing worth writing about

Karpe Diem - Coffee

We're going to the night club

Let's get crazy eh eh, freak out ah ah
The thing is wild in Valdemar's Apt.
Get crazy eh eh, freak out ah ah
The warm up it's going on in Valdemar's Apt.

Léo e Marky - Valdemar's Apt.

"Yeah you alright baby? You look alright still, yeah what's your name?"
She looks in her bag, takes out a fag, tries to get away from the guy on a blag, can't find a light,
"Here use mine"
"You see the thing is I just don't have the time."


Lily Allen - Knock 'Em Out

You tell me that he gets aggressive,
he comes home and he hits you for no reason,
and the thing is that there is no heart
to mistreat the woman you love.

Henry Mendez - To love you more

The thing is waiting for you
The thing sings, it empties the senses, the battery, it's really crushing to give a good time
So scarce, that you don't even have the courage to try and change things
The thing tries to sell your white soul
And make it its slave
It gets at you without you knowing it, your soul fails

Daniel Boucher - The Thing

Just one glance from you is enough

The thing is I’m so afraid of love
The thing is no one has gave me something
Now give me what’s yours
To live it, to get drunk from your dream

Dj kas - Road of love

We found the moral Islamic teaching that our religion talks about
So even there are differences between a sect and another
You'll found that Shafe'i(17) says that Ibn Hanbal(18) was more correct in some matters
The thing is, our scriptures can be interpreted in more than one way
And the evidence that Shaf'ei died and left two schools of thought
Who are you compared to our Imam(Shafe'i) to say that heaven,

El Joker - Our Disagreement Is For Our Own Benifit

Surely you're alright now
No matter what happens you can't leave with any words
just you're starting to walk with courage now
the thing is I'm not lying anymore

Da-iCE - I'll be Back

I am almost complete, all I need now is my dose of Valium
Almost satisfied

Thanks for the excesses, the thing is to be rich
Thanks for putting a price on everything single thing
Thanks for the morals and the good manners

Les Vulgaires Machins - Almost Complete

Your place or mine huh?
It doesn't matter to me, you decide, which one is close
Your place or mine huh?
The thing is that now we need movement
And I won't leave this party alone
So let's get moving, you leave with me

Elastinen - Let's Get Out of Here

And you meet a lot of folk
But when it’ll be over you won’t remember naught
But don’t be afraid, somebody else will remember you
But the thing is ... Why???
Because you gave him something
Or because you had a debt and you never paid nothing?

Mannarino - To live life

In the dawn we see the dusk we hear
the song that sows and reaps

The night is matte and the thing is clear
but who is their own lamp?
The day is light and the tax[fn]It's possible that this is supposed to mean 'treasure'. Cannot be sure.[/fn] is heavy

Arbete & fritid - The Winter is White

Not that it bothers me to remember you
Nor that you never leave me to move forward
The thing is that I feel like sleeping day and night
And that I don´t think there´s any light out there

Ilias Vrettos - Darkness

thought maybe you'd be through with him."
"I know what you mean. My God, he was like an
octopus. Hands all over the place." She gestured,
raising her arms upward in defense. "The thing is
after a while, you get tired of fighting with him, you
know, and after all he didn't really do anything

The Velvet Underground - The Gift

So what if you did wrong things
When you knew no better
The thing is to draw a line
And be the best you can at any given time

Sinéad O'Connor - Angel

it lands in your lips
and you think about me a little

the thing is that if I remember you
I spend the hours singing
my life goes on and days make way

La Oreja de Van Gogh - How many tales I tell

Silence tortures me
What's wrong?
Why is the house so alone?
The thing is, nobody waits for me.

I know she waits for me

Desorden Público - She Waits for Me

In my decisions , actions or behaviors
All of my life I have been joking with no limits
A suit underneath it a short, rock and oud music
The thing is, this is my life, I live it the way I wish
I choose everything in it, and on this basis I love it
Think and live your life anew, what do you want to be?

Zap Tharwat - I Am The Hero of My Life

Your perfect love

Oh, boy, what a fight
We fought and the thing is
We were both right
Okay, I'm crazy but maybe

Simply Red - Perfect Love

And I guess that’s why it haunts the pages of everything-
to self-examine.

I think the thing is that I shut off from everything.
From friends and family and my own ambitions.
From having fun.

La Dispute - A Letter

and it hesitates
to follow and keep the party

The thing is bad, bad
I assure you he who seeks finds

Sergio George's Salsa Giants - Under The Storm

With you in the distance
My loved one, there I am

The thing is that you've become
Part of my soul
Nothing reliefs me

David Bisbal - With you in the distance

Oh boy, what a fight
We fought and the thing is,
Usually we were both right,
OK, I'm crazy but maybe,

Simply Red - My Perfect Love

So please excuse my forgetting, of these things I do
Well you see girl I've forgotten, if they're green or are they're blue
Oh well anyway, you know the thing is, honey what I really mean
Only yours are the sweetest eyes I've believe I have ever seen
Oh lord ahh you can tell everybody there that, that this is your song

Al Jarreau - your song

I've been meaning to tell you a long time ago
Today's that day

The thing is, babe

Between your mama and yourself

A-ha - Between Your Mama And Yourself

The guys thing that just because we're from the rock we don't have feeling
That we don't have sons or family, just sores
The thing is that she's this and don't had only FM's that only play sucess
The thing is that she likes me, and not modern preppy boys

I'm running to find my love

Velhas Virgens - I'm Running (To Find My Love)


i took a risk when i brought you to my house not knowing
if you were going to break everything or if you were going to be good, the thing is that i've never seen a girl as nuts as you, nobody had ever called my attention for so long, you were a big problem and a big solution.

i'm loosing myself in your arms again

turf - turf

at dawn, now there is no coming back,

and the thing is that love,

love hurts like this,

Motel - Only Love Hurts like this

You're not here anymore
A kiss from another mouth
Is like a bitter pill that's very hard to swallow
Let me, and the thing is that you don't see
That it hasn't stopped raining

José Feliciano - It Hasn't Stopped Raining

I'm taking another
But seriously, why doesn't anyone want to take a picture of me

The thing is, it's useful for a lot more things
For instance, you can take things down
Or pick up things that are lying under things

I Just Want To Be Cool - Selfiestick

Can't figure out my head
Or why how I fell
Truth it be told
That can hide the thing is

You don't know me

Vieem - If Only You'd Know

I want to be your boyfriend but you don't even call me
(Can't stand it, can't stand it)

The thing is that with me, it's like a Brothers Grimm fairy-tale
I'm always looking for a happy ending,
It's that you have me like Jim Carrey (ref to "Yes Man" film, called "Di Que Sí")

L'oMy - Say Yes

Sometimes, already hurt, you say you're leaving
And I, in my pride, say "leave"...
I show not to care if you don't want to stay anymore
But the thing is different, because I cry inside

Don't pay attention

Anselmo Ralph - Única Mulher

Embrace the body with immensity
It gets mixed up between reality and eternal dreams
I was a crystal melting on the fire
The thing is that under the rain, your silhouette

I've heard love in the wind's echoes

Siddhartha (Mexico) - Bacalar

I am going to touch all of you
Tonight I am going to make you my lady
Little by little you'll see that you're falling in love
And the thing is, you dance in a way that makes me want to have you, to kiss you and to touch all of you...(2X)

big yamo - Touch All of You

We've got no saxes or french horns,
We always hold the rhythm though.
We don't really like music, we've no talent for it,
The thing is that we're having fun

That rhythmics of our is very rich, taratata

Tři Sestry - The Rhythmics of ours

with so much ha(ts)
no one knows what
what he does afterwards,
and the thing is,
is that he dresses up, up-up, up-up.

Spanish Children Songs - The cat that fishes

I'm off!!
Checking my emails while dashing
Checking my blog while rushing
The thing is, the world seems busy and so troublesome!

(My motto No.1)

Eriko Nakamura - Girls, be Ambitious!!

[Verse 3]
Do you fuck after "Tournez manège!" ?
The thing is to admit it, I could put it in you
But there's one thing that holds me, slut, son of a dog
Since when do you allow yourself? You really understand nothing?

Vald - Eurotrap

to the punished voice without right to vote since long ago
of my heart, tired from screaming.

The thing is, sometimes I can't stop them from flying away,
my thousand butterflies who dream about you every day.
My indulgence opens their cage and they kiss you crying

La Oreja de Van Gogh - How many tales I tell

But you give me reasons to think about you
And I won't play like that anymore (no no no)
I have never asked to fall in love
But the thing is, what I feel doesn't depend on me
And I blame you
Oh yeah

Carlos Baute - Love and pain

If you want to appreciate, an offering's better off
I'll remind you that God feels hungry, too
The thing is I hope you give me some snacks
My first choice is Karinto

Saori Goto - The Girl in the Shrine

I was absorbing everything new
But the way is calling again

And the thing is not even in that distance - it's all inside me
This is like water - the waves bigger and smaller
I will hear you in these water and rays

Moana (OST) - I Am Vaiana

Everything has a game...<em>Everything has a game</em>
Everything has a game

The thing is that you know what I'm looking for
Neck, shoulders, chin
I'm a chronic bastard

Tiziano Ferro - Pervert

If you want it like you say you want it, well, then you gotta

When I'm next to you I get this feeling that maybe I'm willing
To stay next to you, but the thing is boy, you don't like work
And I'm telling you that nothing is good gonna come that easy
It will never do, and better be ready when you come to me

Janet Jackson - Show Me

End I scream: "please, oh please
Pass this cup from me!"

The thing is it did pass
And it passes every day
He took my cup from me

Tyler Joseph - Dead Come Alive

Hello, Mister Three, I will just ask you,
Who told you to do this?

Hmm? Oooh, yes, the thing is, Miss,
We've planted white roses by mistake!

Alice in Wonderland (OST) - Painting the roses red

that I've enjoyed in my life.
I had everything I wanted...
and even what I didn't want
the thing is that I enjoyed.

My behaviour was sober,

Julio Sosa - They can't take that away from me

Maybe was the sorrow
or the lack of iron...
The thing is that one day
we had to go to the burial.
Condolences and flowers

Joan Manuel Serrat - The Ballad of Curro "El Palmo"

(it may be not, it may be so)
is a privilege from God,
(it may be so, it may be not )
but the thing is that anyone who
comes from other country and drinks a pitorro 1.
in two months he lives better

Olga Ramos - If you get married in Madrid

when our greatest prince is coming with his glory

Ali is the greates! Ali Ababwa
The strongest, the most muscular, the thing is
he beat meanest villains with his sword
So to who I'm gonna raise my glass, prince Ali

Aladdin (OST) - Prince Ali

Don't turn around, go
It takes just an instant to change your mind
You know, I'm pretty sure that I'd fall back into you
The thing is I lost you but this time, I win

Stay away from me

Gemelli Diversi - Stay Away From Me

Always coming back in the time and changing the future

(Hey little soldier, are you kinda lost?
The thing is to create
Make your own tomorrow)

Supercombo - Little Soldier

Nothing more real than a homicide
Good life is a villa, cars
Ten whores in the berline
The thing is to not be late (not late)
I'm never late (never)
A woman is enough to wreck a man (his heart)

SCH - Russian doll

'Cause I'm a Dane so I need to drink before I can talk about things
Perhaps it's because I hope the ones I talk with will forget it
Screw feeling things, I'm hiding behind my cash
But the thing is that who knows if the success will last?
The plane may crash even on first class
Let the ones you love know while you still can

Ankerstjerne - Say It With A Song

You are my most favorite man in the world, but
I will dare to disrupt the stability of your ideas.
The thing is, that science has long ago found out:
Monogamous all woman by nature are.
I don't want with this information to frighten you,

Semyon Slepakov - A talk between a husband and wife

The end, oh!

I'm so afraid
The thing is, I don't understand,
What was it that I did that hurt you so much?

RBD - Stay Silent

Turning it back would be so ideal
Making right everything I did so wrong
No matter if you don't care
The thing is, I see what everyone else doesn't
From one to ten, baby, I give you one hundred.

Viniloversus - Going back

Urtain, hunky and good basque
takes charge of the hunks in the ring
his fists are two bombs
the thing is tricky
Urtain puts them white
leaving them knocked out

Dolores Vargas - Urtain the k.o. and olé

I got it always, if alone.

I'm only good if no one looks.
If someone looks, the thing is this:
My standards fall into abyss,
I'm only good if no one looks.

Max Raabe - I'm only good if no one looks

Then I come out of the river
I get into my house so he can't see me
The tiger comes out of the river
gets into my house. The thing is ugly

Lola Flores - The tiger eats me

But I know what I want
And I want to see you naked
Hey! At least I'm sincere
The thing is, I changed
You too, I changed
I changed

Viniloversus - I Changed

Everyone is giving me cred
And then you're standing in the DJ-boot about to choose a song
And get a tip from Kate Moss
The thing is that my albums become gold albums (instantly)
What would that be worth without platinum (respect)
[I] can upload videos to the internet in which I smoke a (joint)

Maskinen - Nr 1

-But I can't imagine why this color?
-Huh? Ohhh
-So the thing is that we planted these white roses by mistake and...

'Cause the queen wants them to be red and if they remain white and she sees them we'll be dead

Alice in Wonderland (OST) - We paint the roses red

They're drunk and now they can't stop.

They're drunk, they're drunk
The thing is that people are drunk.
They're drunk, they're drunk,
They're drunk and now they can't stop.

Los Borgia - People are drunk

Do you remember as a girl
You had a picture of the world
And you'd think about the great things you would find?
The thing is nine to five
And a struggle to survive
Ain't exactly what you had in mind

Lighthouse Family - Goodbye Heartbreak

To find love
The age doesn't matter
When it's about the heart
The thing is to have patience
And desires to be happy
Better late than never

Rosa Morena - Better late than never

as the cunning of the bossy:
that one is bad, this one is worse
and the one over there is all good...
-the thing is to find a way
to separate us better.

Alfredo Zitarrosa - Counterpoint Milonga

and my kids tell me so
but I'm having five years laying in the couch
waiting for that job
and is that the thing is very bad:

Mojinos Escozios - You have no balls

The thing is that I'm always thinking
About what will come and what could happen
The thing is that I'm always waiting [For you]
To do what I think is good, or is bad... or is bad

- Inmature

A gray city, a dough in the morning, the shoulder boards in the evening,
This is the final station, please leave the train cars.

The thing is that with her blue eyes,
Sitting all the night, the girl is watching.
She knows that the day will come, the spring will come,

Boombox - She Is Alone

She's compulsively jealous
But if I tell her "Manila's Threshing" forms here
She doesn't accept it, she cries to me and makes me feel bad
My friends tell me she's psycho, but the thing is she's so fine
I guess they don't understand but neither do I
'Cause I keep thinking that she'll quit being jealous with time

Álvaro Díaz - Medusa

Grey city, morning pastry, evening chase
The train doesn't go any further, please, vacate the carriages

The thing is, that with sky blue eyes
The girl is looking, the night is behind us
She knows, that the day will come, the spring will arrive

Boombox - The only one

When the greatest prince arrives in glory

So Ali is the mightiest, Ali Ababwa
The most powerful, the most muscular, the thing is clear
The sword of his beated the most evil villains
So who am I drinking this bowl for, prince Ali?

Aladdin (OST) - Prince Ali

They don't like a blabber
A gossiping one is incorrigble in their opinion
Up on the land the men want a completely silent woman
And after this fact the thing is clear

Alright! So men don't like conversation

The Little Mermaid (OST) - Poor souls

Some raindrops ont he food,
don't worry soon will clear up
Concha get the children because it seems,
that the thing is going further.

The sad sunday hero

Desde Santurce a Bilbao Blues Band - Man of the 600