Ti si mi u krvi (Angol translation)

Angol translation

you flow in my blood

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With her eyes she cuddles me
like she is touching me
and every time
it's like the first
I keep thinking it will cease
by itself it will disappear
but desire doesn't allow peace
you flow in my blood
So many long years
of taking, and giving
I remain, the one and the only
Because of you I dream of gypsies
and I foment sweet cheatings
but devil doesn't allow peace
you flow in my blood
And if they take you away
those gipsy nomads
or if you're kidnaped but terrible harem guards
If they take you away
I will go insane
without you, I no more know how to wake [up]
If they take you away
all will fall down all
Remembers me as a friend, keep me in your soul
and also
when you think it's too late for dreams
for everything
So many long years ...
If they take you away…
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RHYMED translation with same :
- "sense" and only very slight adaptation to keep
- "length of rhymes" + ...
- the rhythm of the "original lyrics"
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Ti si mi u krvi