Totale Finsternis (Wien 1997-2000) (Angol translation)

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Total Darkness (Wien 1997-2000)

(Be prepared!)
Sometimes at night I think,
I should rather flee from you,
As long as I can
(Be prepared!)
But you call for me,
I'm willing to follow you blind,
Even to hell I'd go with you.
(Be prepared!)
At night sometimes I would offer my life
For one moment, when I'm all yours.
(Be prepared!)
At night sometimes I want to be
How you want me to be
Even if I destroy myself.
(Be prepared - always!)
I hear a voice calling me
(Be prepared - always!)
I feel a longing that seeks for me
To lose oneself means breaking free,
I want to recognize myself in you.
What I dream' will be the truth,
Nothing and nobody can separate us.
Dive into the darkness with me
Between abyss and speciousness
Let us burn our doubts and forget time
I wrap you in my shadow and carry you far.
You are the miracle that reconciles with reality,
My heart is dynamite, that longs for a spark.
I have awakened to life,
Eternity begins tonight,
Eternity begins tonight.
I longed to lose my heart,
Now I'm close to losing my mind,
Total darkness -
A sea of feeling without land.
Once I thought, love broke the spell,
Now it's about to break your world.
Total darkness -
We are falling and nothing can hold us now.
Total darkness -
A sea of feeling without land.
Total darkness -
I think I'm losing my mind.
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Totale Finsternis (Wien 1997-2000)

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