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added a video link. aaaaaaand its gone !!


staying out of jail
staying away from the drama

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# a mute button to mute those extra "smart people" in the comment section
# automation, automation. We wanna translate. not click around on our mouse.
# bulk editor: language, genre, etc for single,several or all songs of an artist
# auto replace dead videolinks
# auto recognize language
# small country flags next to all languages in the "change language" menu
# small country flags in the country list for faster selection
# much faster way of adding/editing song, folders, artists with more automation
# a field to enter 'band members' for each band
# ban or punish users who don't add their own artist pictures and wiki link.
# ban or punish users who bully the very people who do the workload.
# a red list for the bands that are not allowed
# a lifetime prison sentence for people who enter several performers in the "artist" tab,
and leave no video or wiki link to verify the entry.
# a dedicated music server that is free from royalties and copyright laws.
# a new user interface that looks modern, and also a dev version (for nerds and busy bees)
# import algorithm for batch import from lyrics websites.

requests should ALWAYS contain:
# acceptable layout and ortography
# a valid video
# verified link to a wiki page, twitter, facebook, instagram, baidu or VK
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train by singing and completing lyrics :
learn languages in a playful manner:

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EUROPE --- GER medieval minnesingers --- AUT lyrics --- FRA occitan troubadours --- world folk songs, GER website
www. --- 2000 GRE songs with RUS and ENG --- famous hits with CZE --- NED folk songs with ENG --- famous poetry to ENG --- gaelic (irish and scots) with ENG --- 220 klezmer songs with GER --- random ENG pop songs with FRA --- GRE songs --- GRE songs with ENG and RUS --- ITA fabrizio de André lyrics with FRA or ENG

MIDDLE EAST --- dari lyrics --- 900 ARB songs with ENG --- turkish with ENG --- hebrew songs with ENG --- hebrew songs in hebrew --- hebrew dictionary with pronunciation -- various poems to Hebrew and vice versa --- ISR songs with POR

ASIA --- PINOY songs with ENG --- NEPALI songs in devanagari or transcription --- THAI with transcript and ENG -- 1000 songs in HINDI and ENG songs in INDO - songs of kishore kumar HINDI - songs of lata mangeshkar HINDI

AFRICA -- lyrics and performers from AFRICA - lyrics from malawi (CHICHEWA)

RUSSIA (and slavic languages) --- RUS songs with translation --- vladimir vysotsky songs translated

OTHER --- with many (!) translations

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------------------------------------------- words of many languages in context words in only a few languages in context

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youtube playback speed controller with fine increments and big range.

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3370 translations posted by SaintMark, 823 transliterations posted by SaintMarkRészletekÖsszes fordítás

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Shula Chenאיך הרתיחה רמית חלב Héber → Transliteration
2 thanks received
Héber → Transliteration
2 thanks received
Shula Chenהפרח לפרפר (haPerach leParpar) Héber → Transliteration
2 thanks received
Héber → Transliteration
2 thanks received
Shula Chenאוריה החיתי (Uria Hechiti) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shula Chenאיזידור (Izidor) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shula Chenאמא (Ima) Héber → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Héber → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Shula Chenחידות (Chidut) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shula Chenבוא נבנה ארמון (Bo Nivne Armon) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shula Chenבוא הביתה (Bo Habaita) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shula Chenבערוגת הגינה (ba Arugat haGina) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shula Chenאל תספר היום בציר (Al Tesaper hayom baTzir) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shula Chenאל תשיר לאף אחרת (al tashir le af acheret) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהיה היו אי פעם בחורים (haya hayu ei paam bachurim) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariשועלי שמשון (Shualei Shimshon) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariשושנה שושנה שושנה (Shoshana Shoshana Shoshana) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariשיר ערש נגבי (Shir Eres Nigbi) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariמשלט עזוב (Mishlat azuv) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariמחמד לבבי (Machmad Levavi) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariמרים בת נסים (marim bat nesim) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariבלדה על מעיין וים (Ballada le Maayan va Yam) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariלאור הזכרונות (leOr haZichronot) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariלילה לא נשאר (laila lo nish'ar) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariכמו ציפורי הלילה (Kmo tzipporei halaila) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהן אפשר (Hen efshar) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהיו זמנים (hayu Zmanim) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהתזכור (haTizkor) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהטנדר נוסע (ha Tender nosea) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהורה ממטרה (haRuach mamtera) Héber → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Héber → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Shoshana Damariהקרב האחרון (ha krav ha acharon) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהארץ עוד תשקוט Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהאמיני יום יבוא (ha'amini yom yavo) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariהעלמה (ha Alma) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariדודו (Dudu) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariביתי שלי (Beiti Sheli) Héber → Transliteration1Héber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariבית אחד (Beit ekhad) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariאיה (Aya) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariאני מצפת (Ani mitzpat) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariאל-יה (Al Ya) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariזכריה בן עזרא (Zacharya ben Ezra) Héber → Transliteration1Héber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariזה יעבור (Ze Ya'avor) Héber → Transliteration1Héber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariזוהרה Héber → Transliteration1Héber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariיודקה (Yudke) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariוהרוח נושבת אבק (veha ruach noshevet avak) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shoshana Damariצ'יזבט (Tshizbat) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shmulik Krausימי ראשית הקיץ (Yemei Reshit Hakaitz) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shmulik Krausהלב הזה (Halev Haze) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shmulik Krausבלדה לעוזב קיבוץ (Baladah l'Ozev Kibbutz) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Meir ArielAgadat Deshe (אגדת דשא - Lawn Fairytale) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shalom Hanochאדם בתוך עצמו (Adam Betoch Azmo) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shalom Hanochאהבת נעוריי Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shalom Hanochעל פני האדמה Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shalom Hanochאנ'לא יודע איך לומר לך (Ani Lo Yodah Ma Lomar Lach) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Shalom Hanochהולך נגד הרוח - Walk against the wind Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Yehuda Polikerזינגואלה (Zinguala) Héber → AngolHéber → Angol
Yehuda Polikerשוטה הכפר (Shoteh HaKfar) Héber → AngolHéber → Angol
Yehuda Polikerרדיו רמאללה (Radio Ramallah) Héber → AngolHéber → Angol
Yehuda Polikerנמס בגשם (Namess BaGeshem) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Yehuda Polikerלא יודע (Lo Yodea) Héber → AngolHéber → Angol
Yehuda Polikerהתחלה חדשה (Ht'Chala Ch'Dasha) Héber → Transliteration2Héber → Transliteration
Yehuda Polikerאיך קוראים לאהבה שלי (Eich Kor'im LaAhava Sheli) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Yehuda Polikerחלון לים התיכון (Chalon LaYam HaTichón) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Yehuda Polikerהצל ואני (A-Tzel ve Ani) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Connie FrancisOh Suzanna Angol → Héber
thanked 1 time
Angol → Héber
thanked 1 time
Connie FrancisOh Suzanna Angol → Héber1Angol → Héber
Mashinaמדברים עלייך (Medabrim Alaikh) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaהמשפט (ha Mishpat) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaהעמותה לחקר התמותה (Ha Amuta Le Cheker Hatmuta) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaגברת שרה השכנה (Geveret shara haSakana) Héber → Transliteration1Héber → Transliteration
Mashinaילדתי (Yaldati) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaילדה שלי (Yalda sheli) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaזה לא יכול להיות ישן (zelo yachol lihiut Yashan) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaהספסל ההוא מול האגם (haSafsal hahu mul haAgam) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaקאנטרי ג'ו (Country Joe) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaחלומות נעימים (Chalomot Ne'imim) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaבואי וניפול (Boi venipol) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaבן-גוריון (Ben Gurion) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaדוקטור קליני (Doktor Klini) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaביקור בעיר (Bikur ba Ir) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Mashinaאין מקום אחר (Eyn Makom Acher) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsקום לך אל נינווה (Kum lekh, el Ninveh) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsותן ברכה (Veten Brakha) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsתוגה של סתיו (Tuga shel stav) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsבוא לים (Bo layam) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsבת שבע (Bat Sheva) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsאני מת (Ani met) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsאהבה (Ahava) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
IDF Bandsאגדת הים (Agadat Hayam) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofשמיים של שומקום (Shamayim shel Shumakom) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofתחת אש (Takhat Esh) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofלך לך (Lekh Lekha) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
FortisakharofMeatzvei Daat hakahal (מעצבי דעת הקהל) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofרד מעל מסך הטלויזיה שלי (Red meal masach hatelevizia sheli) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
FortisakharofPanther Shachor (פנתר שחור) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofנעליים (Naalayim) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofממתק (Mamtak) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofאינקובטור (Inkubator) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Fortisakharofלייפציג ברצלונה (Leipzig Barcelona) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Aviv Geffenמליארד טועים (Miliard Toim) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Aviv Geffenשלום אחד (Shalom Echad) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Aviv Geffenמחר כבר לא יבוא (Machar kvar lo Yavo) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration
Aviv Geffenשומקום (Shumakom) Héber → TransliterationHéber → Transliteration