Treni që s'ndalon (Angol translation)


Treni që s'ndalon

1.Treni ecen dhe nuk ndalet
Ndonese ka stacion
Si ne ekran dhjetera portrete
2.Nga vagoni i pare cdo dite
O oo ooo oo
Nje buzeqeshje me ndez syte
Oh si qesh ajo
- Refreni
O ndal ketu dhe me sill gezim
Nje dashuri po lind
O ndal ketu bashke me vajzen ti
Te dashuroj ti them
3.Nga vjen e ku shkon s’e di
Kush do te ma thote
Dhe me do a nuk me do
Pyes syte e saj
4.Ata qeshin dhe me thone
O oo ooo oo
Prit djalosh i dashuruar
Trenin ne stacion
- Refreni
Ja ku u ndal treni me ne fund
Si kenge ajo po zbret
Ecim te dy rruges ne bregdet
Me dashurine kaq prane
Kaq prane.
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Submitter's comments:

Kastriot Gjini - composer
Arben Duka - textwriter

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The train that doesn’t stop

1.The train runs and doesn’t stop
Although there’s a station
Like on screen, dozens of portraits
Pass following one another
2.From the first wagon every day
O oo ooo o
A smile catches my eye
Oh the way she laughs
- refrain
Oh stop here and bring the joy to me
A love is being born
Oh stop here you and the girl
I love you, to tell
3. Where to, or from, she goes, I don’t know
Will that anyone reveal to me...
And whether she loves me or not
I inquire her eyes
4. They laugh and tell me
O oo ooo oo
Boy in love, wait
The train at the station
- refrain
Here the train finally stops
Like a song she is coming down
Both of us walk along the coastal road
The love so close
So close.
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