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Till The Very End

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I fell that it is stronger than me.
This night is speaking already about itself
And this time you've already decided also for me.
But I'm not sure what to do,
I have a bit fear but I'd like to try
A new emotion.
You should let me continue.
Because you could hurt me till the very end
But I could also hurt you,
O no, me not...
Till the very end
I will tell that it was my fault,
I will tell that it was madness
Which I have searched for and wanted.
Till the very end
Tonight you entertain.
Tomorrow I will smile
Because tomorrow I will be a woman too.
Till the very end...
I'm continuing asking myself
If it is not love, what then?
An irresistible madness
To stay with you.
At least tell me that you will warm me up
And squeeze me strong when you will finish
And swear me that
You will not leave me.
Kűldve: Felice1101Felice1101 Vasárnap, 25/12/2011 - 07:36

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