Letu Stuke - U ovom svijetu (Angol translation)

Angol translation

In this world

(couplet 1)
Puls stop for a second waiting for the upcoming news
Doubt rised up to the boiling point
I knew, it's gonna be fine, you've opened the windows
And let black ravens in, at once
(couplet 2)
Please, no pretending, show all of your feelings
I don't understand me or you, or the rest of the people
My attention too much concerns seemingly irrelevant things
To many ideals pleit me in a web, and I got no trumps
In this world
Which cursed itself
Which shouts words of sanctity
Infront it's sword and shield
On this lovely planet
Which defenses and gets back
And acts roughly
Just to show who is the boss
(couplet 3)
Chinese horoscope, tarot...fortune tellers ar taping their pockets
Females and males are sighning loudly as they change their positions
Skalpels scarv remains of intimicy and modify plans
Demimond chooses and creates idling nights and days
All worthy is...
(Love....quiet, tired)
All worthy
(couplet 4)
Emotional blackmail -englishs woulda say
Is that your only weapon - amers woulda ask
We got no time, chinese are on our doorstep
So fix your makeup and smile to the camera
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U ovom svijetu

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