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No Matter Which Direction I’m Going In, I Never Chase These Hoes dalszöveg

  • Előadó: $uicideboy$
  • Album: Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation

No Matter Which Direction I’m Going In, I Never Chase These Hoes

Pimpin' sluts, pimpin hoes, riding clean, smoking dope
Got my main bitch, pussy soaking as she give me throat
Limping with no cane, it's the manе with them diamond rangs
Strapped up with that thang for a lame to blow out thеir brains
Cruising like a mack, Wetto be pulling up like he the Mayor (Skrt)
Bitches that want me to save 'em, nah
Fuck 'em and put 'em in labour, nah
Creeping with one in the chamber, smoke a sucker like crack
Cut-throat maniac, took his hoe down to the track
Landed in the 504, at 5:04, yeah
Back at home where life's a bore, try not to snore
I should fly some bitches down, about five or four (Okay)
Four or five days later, later alligator
Already thinking about when's the next tour
From recording in my shed to having like three rooves over my head
Ruby leveled up
I got like six whips, I don't need the keys to the Rover truck, anymore
Watching the palm trees, sway in the breeze, a moment of peace
I hope there's plenty more
Grey, Grey, Five Nine
Grey, Grey, Five Nine
Grey, Grey, Five Nine
Grey, Grey, Five Nine
She gave me dome so good, I think she thinks the Earth is flat
Mouth like the fucking Firmament, she got my eyes rolling back
Face a blunt, she rolls 'em back to back (Back to back)
And when she's bitching, she knows what the fuck I'm texting back
Ruby slick with these hoes, I keep 'em froze
Snow Leopard holds a black rose real close, yeah
I've had enough heartbreak, star breaks
And stop 'em like car breaks, Oddy chilling like a pose I won't post
Hoes, they want the screwing, I'm just looking for the chewing mane
Chrome thang riding while I swang, swerving lane to lane
Sipping on some drank with a skank who got a coke head name
Something like Brandi or Candy, maybe Tammy
Fuck it, they all the same
Part of the game, I don't trip, I just give 'em dick
Off the fent, looking like a lick, pimpin' like I'm Mic
Lunatic, Slick, he run the North like the Bolsheviks
Come on bitch, fuck her back outdoors, now my neighbour pissed
Kűldve: GracunarGracunar Kedd, 16/08/2022 - 23:09


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