Marie-Josée Neuville - Une guitare, une vie (Angol translation)

Angol translation

One guitar, one life

Parents to love
A town to take a stroll
Poor people to help
Hands for working
Birds to day-dream
A guitar for singing
Here is what I received from God
When I was born
la la lalala lalala lalala
Friends to lie to
A love to be in pain
A husband to go out
Wrinkles to become ugly
Illnesses to recover
A guitar for weeping
Here is what my whole life
Will bring to me
la la lalala lalala lalala
A friend to help me
Die without regrets
A family to cry
A wreath to hide
The soil where I'll be buried
With my guitar close to me
Here are the memories
I'll keep when I leave
la la lalala lalala lalala
But I'm not yet twenty
And my heart sings
A guitar for singing
And your eyes to love
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Une guitare, une vie