Adelina Ismajli - Ushtrine time (Angol translation)


Ushtrine time

Nje sy tklatert shum e deshta por ai me tradhtoj
prej at dit ne zi jam veshur dhe vetem vajtoj
shume vajza nqaf i mori se din qeshte dashnia
por un hakun do ta nxjerr let merr vesh qeshte vetmia
Ushtrine time do ta bej me Ibrahim rugoven
ty o djal do te denoj ta qliroj kosoven
bes besen ta kom dhon me mua ska hajgare
nuk guxon me askush tklun me vajza shqiptare
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Angol translation

My army

One blue eye * I loved very much but he cheated on me
Since that day in wearing black and only cry
He took in his neck *1 many girls because they didn't know what's love
But I'll get revenge so he will know what's loneliness.
I'll create my army with Ibrahim Rugova*2
You Oh boy I'll punish you to free Kosovo
My bes *3 I've gave to you with me you can't play games
None dares to touch and to bother Albanian girls
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A guy with blue eyes.
1 he was responsible of someone but he wasn't a responsible type.
2 it's a person
3 bes is my trust and honor combined

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