Uzbuna (Angol translation)

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I'm not myself, pills don't work
from the first of this month
until the first of the next month
I'm thinking of you
And I don't know what I'm drinking
I hide from the sun
I live awfully without you
it's better that I don't exist
Where are you now, I'm waking the city up
I'm calling everyone I know, well, to find you
thought I know, you're not alone
you're kissing, because you're a bastard, some younger girl
Alarm, the sirens are screaming
alarm, you're not beside me
alarm, this crazy night
these lips of mine want to kiss you
I miss everything about you
all other guys are tiny
while the city's burning at night
I'm underground
From the summer up until the winter
I struggle with the fact
that I still carry your
sweet name on my skin
Kűldve: MayGoLoco Péntek, 14/12/2012 - 17:48


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