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Viten og mot (Bevissthet) (Angol translation)

  • Előadó: Helheim
  • Dal: Viten og mot (Bevissthet) Album: Heiðindómr ok mótgangr (2011)
Angol translationAngol

Knowledge and Courage (Consciousness)

If you want to try
then ask him about runes
which the gods knew
which the gods created
and the speaker drew
then it is best to be silent
One should never believe
in the words of a whore
but on rolling wheels
both hearts are created
and changeability
dwells in both hearts
When the soul hides
which lives in the heart
a feeling of loneliness
no sickness is worse
for the wise man
to live without lust
One can lose the head
be bitten to blood
the false tongue
causes ones fall
and everything that is said
is for an unjust cause
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Viten og mot (Bevissthet)

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