Vkusat na vremeto | Вкусът на времето (Angol translation)

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The taste of time

We're searching for the taste of time again
and we're walking with our hands in the pockets.
What is the time going to get from us?
What are we going to hide in ourselves?
Someone's shouting again:
"Hey, stop boy, don't run!"
Where are we headed,
armoured in our new clothes?
Hitchhiking(To stop) life with a hand,
to seek success on the road.
Someone's shouting again:
"Hey, run boy, don't wait!"
We're wiser,
we're more mature.
I've waited long enough.
One thing's sure, I'm going with you (I'm gonna follow the trend)...
I'm coming with you!
What have we save so far
from memories, like coins?
Forget the old sadness,
we're going back hitchhikinh, boys.
The taste of time is salty
and we paid it toghether.
It's gonna take years from us,
but we were ourselves through them.
That's the taste of time.
Yes, that's the taste of time. (x4)
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Vkusat na vremeto | Вкусът на времето

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