Vorbe (Angol translation)

  • Előadó: La Familia (Sișu & Puya)
  • Featuring artist: Uzzi
  • Dal: Vorbe
  • Fordítások: Angol
Angol translationAngol


{Intro} x6
Some people act tough but they some weak ass bitches,
they pretend in front of other suckers. You clowns!
Just words are for naught,
no lie will make you bigger that you are,
You spread the word in the Hood that you're a millionare,
when in fact you dont even have a few dimes in your pockets!
Others spit out boss names, gipsy clans,
but their words are not worth a penny.
Every clown shakes in fear when he's about to be beat down,
every well dressed gipsy think he's Fane Spoitoru', [1]
Words have no meaning only facts count,
big shots are made and not created,
Fags stress me out when they go crazy,
let me see what you can do, words dont impress me!
Who I sing for? I will answer you,
you can find me here in Sălăjan, I'm not hiding!
{Chorus} x2
Dont speak if you know nothing,
dont believe every word said by others!
Dont act like something that you'll never be,
those are shitty words, I hear them every day!
So that suckers can identify the OG's
I will explain to you how it is every day and every year:
There are those that earn their keep...
(and there are whores who like to suck dick!)
...from my Hood to Sălăjan, where Puya lives.
You can make a lot of money if you use the right words,
but you can also end at the morgue for a bad choice of words,
(Every day...)
...and every night
one cop after another come to our hanging spots,
they so stupid that (At ease soldier!)
they await just a word to drag you to jail.
All I'm left with are my people and they with me, like when we started,
snitches got weeded out since long ago,
So fuck the police, fuck bitches,
fuck those gossip spreading whores!
I have respect for those that lived the same life like me,
others can go: pock, pock, pock, pock
That's for you!
Tell 'em!
{Chorus} x2
Sometimes wrong words can weigh a lot more,
they bring you more violence than a bad deed,
They can turn a lady into a bitch,
can turn a thug into some gossip subject.
There is word that some teen girl is sucking dick,
brother, everyone does what they know with their mouth!
Many clowns speak shit just to feel important,
I think the truth scares the shit outta em,
If you dont believe me, it means that you never saw
huge beefs between thugs over just a few words,
For just a few curses said after a few glasses,
thugs lie in bed in the emergency room.
Many men wouldnt be locked up now
if they wouldnt have paid attention to stupid words,
Suckers speak as much as they can, but they dont know
that some simple words can bring them death!
{Chorus} x3
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[1] Fane Spoitorul - famous gipsy kingpin from Romania



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