want out of

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  • Idiom: want out of
  • Nyelv: Angol
  • Explained meaning: Angol, Török
  • Lyrics containing the idiom: 69 lyrics

Meanings of "want out of"


to desire that someone or something leave or be removed from something or some place.

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Birinin veya bir şeyin bir yerden ayrılması ve ayrılmasını istemek

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"want out of" in lyrics

Ruth B - Slow Fade

Maybe I'll find you again, maybe I won't
I think for now that it's best if we let it go
I hope you get all you want out of this life
Even if it's not with me by your side

EDEN - Crash

It's been a few years since you've been gone
There's been a few tears, but that was years and years ago
Yeah, I grew up to be exactly what you wanted

Arttu Wiskari - The unknown patient

I've already seen this life
I got everything and even more
Hear my wish, I want out (of here)
Couldn't my time be up already?

Jorge Blanco - NonBelievers

Chills are running up and down my spine
Fell so hard into it
Never want out of it
Not worth it without you girl

Haloo Helsinki! - Highway of Insanity

You're still alive! You're still alive!

You want out of the wheel, which keeps turning but doesnt travel forward
You run to goal from goal, but you dont get anything beautifull done

Blackbear - Cars, Clothes, Calories

She only wants the dress inside the magazine
She thinks that ever after she'll be living happily
And this sudden curiosity you have for me
Show me something about your personality

Xavier Naidoo - Everything can get better

I want out of this s*** here,
but I don't know how to get out.
I want out of this sh***y place,
but I don't know how to get out.

Rihanna - Desperado

I know you won't cause we share common interests too
Need me there ain’t no leaving me behind
Never know, no, just want out of here
Yeah, yes, once I’m gone ain’t no going back

Apulanta - Worm

I want out, I want out of the boiler
I want to save you too so you won't boil
I want to fly out of the bathroom window
I want to know everything about your candyland

Cro - A Cool World

This world is cool
‘cause I have everything I need,
and no, I never again want out of here
as long as I’m here, I’ll make the best of it.

Anna Maria Jopek - If You Want

a letter written in the sand
with the last drop of blood.
If you want, out of a hundred memories
I’ll arrange a tear-shaped bouquet

The Voidz - Pink Ocean

i want out of this world
i won't lie anymore, i can't love anymore
i want out of this world
i didn't want it anyway…

We Butter the Bread with Butter - Pyromaniac & Astronaut

and do us no more harm, two souls looking through one pair of eyes
distorted as their world turns, a constellation's up in Flames
day after day I want out of my skin,
the air tastes good, they're crawling out of me

Yanni - Stay with me

And come and kill me again
make me your skin desire
give me, take what you want out of me next
I don't know what you have what you give me

Christina Stürmer - As I am

And surround myself with lies
If I know exactly
What I want out of life
I don't want to be different

Revolverheld - Hamburg Behind Us

The gray streets of these sun-less days
I won't wait until it quits raining here
I want out of here, far away, back to California.

Kim Larsen - Vibrant Youths

and coincidental love

What they want out of life
Only they understand

Lauryn Hill - I Get Out

Oh, you can't hold me in these chains
I'll get out
Oh, I want out of social bondage
Knowin' my condition

Farid Bang - No Tears

Shut your mouth, ‘cause you’re like all the others
If you had loved me, you wouldn’t already have another
I’m under your spell, I want out of here
‘Cause love is a castle without an exit

Kool Savas - Whenever i rhyme

woke on 4, really loud, this is how my mind works brother
(Whenever i rhyme)
And if im spitting im bleeding my wounds out want out of
th dark and the texting helps me immense