wet behind the ears

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wet behind the ears (Angol) — too young, immature, inexperienced, "green"

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Translations of "wet behind the ears"

Angolstill in swaddling-clothes
OlaszLa bocca che sa ancora di latte
OlaszAncora il latte sulle labbra
OlaszLa bocca che puzza ancora di latte
OroszМолоко на губах не обсохло
SzlovákMať mlieko na brade

"wet behind the ears" in lyrics

Never change

I ain't quite what you'd call an old soul
Still wet behind the ears
I been around this track a couple o' times
But now the dust is startin' to clear

Guns N' Roses - Dead Horse

si se alían con mi cerebro y mi visión.

Se que vuestra capacidad de retención
está tan verde como el culo de una iguana [fn] Juego de palabras dificil de traducir. Literalmente: "tan mojados como el culo de un erizo". Se refiere a que en en inglés se suele usar la expresión "wet behind the ears" para denotar a alguien inexperto [/fn]
Pero, densos y todo como sois, prestad atención.
Mis palabras son una cuestión de honor.

The Lion King (OST) - Preparaos

Look at that, who do you think you are, honey
Who ever bragged you, how quickly you sold me over
You were just wet behind the ears*(being yesterday's kid*)
Don't be stupid once upon a time your throne was gone (dararararara)

maNga - Once Upon A Time

Just lookin’ and playing guitar

Autumn hanging down all the trees are draped like chandeliers
Sukie saw the beauty but she wasn’t wet behind the ears
She had an A1 body and a face to match
She didn’t have money, she didn’t have cash

Belle & Sebastian - Sukie in the graveyard

You're raising your glass to us
Come into my arms and clink glasses with me

We were wet behind the ears
And no risk seemed great enough
I still remember, we swore at each other a lot

Haudegen - To the old times