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Wolfgang et moi (Angol translation)

  • Előadó: Marie-Paule Belle
  • Dal: Wolfgang et moi Album: Wolfgang et moi
Angol translationAngol

Wolfgang and I

Silence is over
I'm running for the hills
I am Leopoldine
Mozart's sister
And since fame
Is not a boomerang
I should not have let him sign
Wolfgang and I
We didn't get along very well
He had a big mouth
Me, I was good at playing the F-clef
F F F F...
Wolfgang and I
We liked each other anyway
He was the muscle
I was the brain
Today under his name
My works are played
All because I didn't dare
To say no to him
While he spent his time
Playing with dolls
I was writing
His phony symphonies
Wolfgang and I
We were like cats and dogs
He was a sweetheart
Spending my royalties
Ties ties ties ties...
Wolfgang and I
It was not very fun
And all our fights
Inspired Figaro
"And blah blah blah and blah blah blah..."
When dad was receiving
The marquises with the harpsichord
Wolfgang was telling them
A lot of pointless stuff
His own schemes
Were two hundred times worse than Scapin's
Meanwhile, I was sweating
While composing the Turkish march...
Wolfgang and I
It was the good old days
He played the Don Juan
I composed it
It it it it it...
But this time
Either I'll compose the next big hit song
Or I say that the requiem
Was made by Beethoven
Or I say that the requiem
Was made by Beethoven
By Beethoven by Beethoven...
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Wolfgang et moi

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