Wunder geschehen (Angol translation)

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Miracles happen

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Destiny and fear strike overnight
I am sad
But still I managed to laugh
And to hold to the beauty in life.
Hope and happiness also come overnight
I want to love
Even when I mess up
I don't just say this, I vow it.
Miracles happen
I have seen it myself
It happens so many times, yet we do not understand
Miracles happen
I was there (I was there)
We shouldn't just believe what's in front of our eyes.
Always forward
Always straight forward
Never sink into despair
Because no one can get you out of that place
Come, you have to pick yourself up!
No matter what happens (no matter what happens)
I will stay right here (I will stay right here)
I will travel the whole long path with you
(Miracles happen)
Miracles happen Miracles happen
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The first three translations are so good literally so I decided to be more attuned to the underlying meaning without straying too far from the German text.


Wunder geschehen

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