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    Warsaw Pact

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The great Treaty of Friendship,
Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance
A Soviet response years ago
Yet so very invaluable to recall
After the Great Patriotic War
In the aftermath of warfare's ruins
Germany, free joined NATO
Tyranny's filth swept away
The few with far-fetching power
Threatened by democracy
Fought hard, tooth and nail
Rivers of red rhetoric unending
Now giving red rebirth anew
Communist, imperialist views
Committing war on innocents
A totalitarian order easily made
Democracy cannot be held
But with perpetual vigilance
Oppression like corrosion
Collecting on a tarnished sabre
He who rules too long, undisciplined
Corruptible, loses truth's sight
Abandoning the needs of the many
Free for the pursuit of only his own
Now the forces free must stand
Together, a great multitude
Lest the past return again
Living behind The Iron Curtain


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