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X! Poetry is a dead art form and knowledge has been used up
The word is buried under the moans of fornicators, moguls and scammers
It costs a billion to get cancer and only a last breath to get rid of it
– You've watched me die
The dried out fruits of lost expectations restrain the riffraff
The bankruptcy of spirituality sucks the marrow away from the initiative and chokes it in bitterness1
The salt sprinkled into my wounds is my daily bread as I wither and waste away
– You've watched me die
Incessant devaluation is empowered through the mediocrity of the average ape2
The lies are like knives in the bleeding side of the poor man
He crawls on his knees. The breaker3 is his grave
The salt sprinkled into my wounds is my daily bread as I wither and waste away
Wells of blood – he falls4
– You've watched me die
  • 1. not sure about this line, I guessed half because I just couldn't figure it out
  • 2. again unsure and again some guesstimating
  • 3. I had to look this word up and the internet and my dictionary weren't particularly helpful, apart from one website that gave this as a translation
  • 4. alternatively: 'dies'. falla í valinn means something like 'to die/fall' in the context of war/battles
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