Yo te haré feliz [Let Me Make You Proud (Reprise)] (Castilian Spanish) (Angol translation)


Yo te haré feliz [Let Me Make You Proud (Reprise)] (Castilian Spanish)

Tranquilo, papá
Llegaré al fondo de este asunto
Te lo prometo
Yo te haré feliz
Te haré libre y podrás volver
No habrá fuerza ni obstáculo ante mí
Que me haga parar
Y lo juro aquí
No me importa si he de sufrir
Todo aquel que se atreva y se ponga ante mí
Tendrá que pagar
Tendrá que pagar
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Angol translation

I will make you happy (reprise)

Don’t worry, dad
I’ll get to the bottom of this
I promise
I will make you happy
I’ll set you free so you can come back
No forces nor obstacles in my way
Will stop me
And this I swear
No matter if I’ll have to endure pain
Everything that dares and stands in my way
Will have to pay
Will have to pay
Kűldve: Icey Szombat, 30/06/2018 - 21:59