Za tmavejch nocí (Angol translation)

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During the dark nights

Your eyes as emeralds in the pool
with the surface that reflects the face
in the cushions that carry your scent
how many times do I reach the bottom
The process of takeoff and fall
each of us
so it resists
alternating passion and fate
tell us what will help us
That we did not know
now for the dark nights
everything is coming back
That we did not know
perhaps magical power
to be able to read between the lines
and how we fall to the bottom
and hurry up plans
who will cover those deep wounds
that we did not recognize
it probably was not the right thing
why everything
what comes now is little
we can take it for ourselves
With you alone on a meadow in the grass
the whole world belonged only to us
but they just cut her off
as if they did not want us
everything evil did not go away
so they are old memories
what I keep in myself
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Za tmavejch nocí

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