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Before you say

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Please let me listen to the silence
sometimes this is better than a torrent of words
'cause it's good so
to feel the breath of day so quietly
So many days spent together only
So many stars shining only for us
But now they want to fade, 'cause they hear your thoughts
Telling me in whispers
Let us stay silent like millions of stars in the sky
that are living so
for many years
Listen how millions of stars in the sky
Tell so with their shine:
Give us a chance!
Before you say to me Goodbye
But we need so less to leave
But so less to stay here
Even a few simple words cause such a tremendous pain
So, maybe better not
Say nothing anymore
'Cause on this day on which you'll leave
You'll hear there
The shouting of the stars and my loud weeping
Before you say to me...
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Zanim powiesz

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