Hari Mata Hari - Znam da te gubim (Angol translation)

Angol translation

I Know I'm Loosing You

Only one time
lie in your look gave you away.
In the sea of happiness
drop of sadness you added.
In a blink of a moment we are gone.
You just walked
through my life only for a moment
to disturb me
to leave me wanting.
You are dream unfinished.
I know I'm loosing you and that's that
It wouldn't help me
even if tears bare my pain
before you.
I know I'm loosing you and that's that
but nevertheless I'm intoxicated
by that shine
in your blue eyes.
Only a word
and I'll consent to all
with you, like a rainbow
smile shone from my face,
like a day, all radiant.
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I've never translated a song before, I hope it's okay. Regular smile


Znam da te gubim

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