• Poison • Angry Ai

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Lirik Poison

Incapable of love bitch i'm toxic
Drug tests are the only time i'm positive
I wish suffering and sadness had an off switch
That's why i'm drinking when i pop shit
That's why i'm puking in the faucet
That's why back in early august
I went to class with pills in my pocket
But i left 'cause I can't work in an office
Rather rot inside my closet make clothes, sell beats
Art is the only reason why i'm still breathing
On my laptop all night when I can't sleep
Back hurts can't see when will someone sign me
Flying out to different states and countries trying to find me
All these meds just make it hard to let my fucking mind speak
Saying that she good for me but i ain't good for nothing
Maybe if i'm distant I can let my fucking soul free
Nobody miss me
My mind is empty
Someone come end me
Someone come end me
Nobody miss me
My mind is empty
Someone come end me
Someone come end me
Fuck a chain bitch i'd rather rock a noose
When you better that's when locals want a truce
But i'd rather crush up oxycontin put it in my goose
I'm already rotten what the fuck am I gon' lose
What else can you do
They ain't give a fuck about me
They bluffed up lie through they teeth
Loosing myself bitch you nothing to me
Can't even sleep i can't breath
The fuck does you mean?
The fuck does you mean?
Ain't no longer the team
You gon' act like you seen
Pistols, poisons, and dreams
Fuckers poppin' them beans just to lean for the scene
You can miss me with all of that
Fuck just to call her
Bitch i need all of that
Lil punk the fuck where your collar at?
Fuck ya questions
Fuck ya life and lessons
Fuckers talk your blessings never get to stepping
A motherfucker can't have shit
Doing devil choke hold on my soul fantastic
I wish you would motherfucker
You doing all the shit I wish I could motherfucker
I pull up to your set i hope you good motherfucker
All thoughts telling me i should motherfucker
Fuck around and leave this shit for good motherfucker
Clip to my lip let it rip blow the back out my hood motherfucker


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