Šta će ti pevačica (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Why do you need a singer?

Still happening tonight in this very city
I sing for all the good people
but tomorrow who knows where I'll be?
whatever happens, happens
Why do you need a singer?
I ask you in front of the people
I didn't bring happiness
to others nor even to myself
Why do you need a singer?
I'm only a name without an address
I live in my own world
I live through songs
Don't order a song
that eases one's pain
I sing it from my heart
it can poison you
Believe me, I never
get fooled by kind words
Just don't tell me
how much you like me
Don't order a drink
that they'll bring over to my table
Your wine surely
wouldn't be useful for me
Visits are forbidden
I don't accept flowers
I'll sing to you, but I don't talk
with the guests afterwards
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Šta će ti pevačica

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