Giannis Haroulis - Himonanthos | Χειμωνανθός (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


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An autumn in the love
tonight is dawning.
The mountains smell
like rosemary and honey
and I am looking silently
at the wet soil.
Like a burning coal
the beauty aches.
I'm lookin for a kiss of heaven
And it gives me ashes.
By the spindle of the heart
I want you to be hurt.
The doors are wiggling
The lock is turning
The wind is whistling to me
If it is you to come don't be delayed.
Undress yourself and take water
from my eyes to wash you up.
You should remember, the separation
Is an winterflower.
The sadness I've inhabitated
day and night.
I leave you in the air
to find you in the light.
Before the heartbreack
on fears and on dreams the love is dining.
At the chapel of the pain
the wilderness is sanctifying.
And I, the one who longs by sadness to be marked
Before the light will reign
I'm going to deny you once again.
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Himonanthos | Χειμωνανθός

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