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The Little Boat

August was through, the fog was thick, the galaxy revolved,
A crewboat sailed down the river’s course, their training ending soon.
Meanwhile our sailboat drew up close, facing the other way
While we discussed the sins of man, and the liquid laws.
Our thrumming hearts, our scattered words – nothing was said, in short,
The passing crewboat called to us, shouting, “hello! hello!
God grant you happiness and wonders, for your wanderings!
But you set out, and we return, and so goodbye! goodbye!”
The weather was fine, the mist and rot, the river’s waters deep,
What could we comprehend of sins and what of liquid laws?
Nothing at all, less than a word, as you can see, my love,
What senseless babble, though our topic was a harmless one
We’ll grasp it all, from end to end, and ’twill be settled then,
Or else we’ll start up once again, and it will never end.
My sins were sucked from out a spoon, like rocks from river’s bed,
Don’t leave me free of all my sins, leave me a little bit.
Our boat found a leak, began to sink, stood and let water in,
We saved ourselves, by hook or crook, our training ending soon.
I let the blue bird go, once more, while trying to catch the crane,
And there you have it: all of love, sin, and liquid laws.
It has all long be understood, what left now to explain?
And I’m uneasy waiting ’round ’till I’ve been chased away.
Sink down, my boat! Fly forth, my crane! While we’re the wingless here,
Now let the mists close off our boat, farewell, farewell, my dears.
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Кораблик (Korablik)

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