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Родны Край (Rodny Kray) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in IngleseInglese


Mother, mother, motherland
I'm- is enemy for you - don't wait for me,
Mother, mother, My mother's son
Be Afraid me - i'm hellkite and executioner.
Mother, mother, mother native
I'm - vampire, Hide in your house,
Father, father, father native
Your son went crazy -
Do not wait for him
Mother, mother, stork of a motherland
Beak me in the eyes and on the lips
Mother, mother, wind of a motherland
I let the ashes litter - i'm ash and rubbish.
Mother, mother, chain of a motherland
Davie me worse - I'm gray rat
Mother, mother, motherland
I'm a terrible traitor - punish me!
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Sorry if this translation is not bookish!

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líadanlíadan    Mer, 07/06/2017 - 02:08


I'm- is enemy for you > I'm your enemy
Be Afraid me > Be afraid of me
i'm hellkite > I'm a thief
I'm - vampire, > I'm a werewolf
Hide in your house, > hide in your house

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