הצפון הישן (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

The Old North

In a room full of questions
I stopped solving dreams long ago
The record is playing and calming
I wait for the morning to arrive
And escape to your serenity in the Old North
And you, who'd known it all
Knew when to hold me without asking
You said that we changed with time
That the place where we loved is gone
That we became just an old tale in photos
In the old records that my dad saved for me
Hide the stories of my life
I pack up my fears, drive to you
Because it is you who keep me safe
Yes, it is you who keep me safe
A million panic attacks
Against a single minute of confidence
I collaborate with the wind
It'll take me to that safe place
To the apartment in the Old North, to your home
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הצפון הישן

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