ירח | Yareach (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Shlomo Artzi (שלמה ארצי)
  • Canzone: ירח | Yareach 2 traduzioni
  • Traduzioni: Arabo, Inglese
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My first memory, if your beauty does not deceive me,
I cast away a guitar and my father screams at me,
And my mother says, "That's my sinner",
And takes me on a comforting trip before the moon.
My second memory, if your eyes do not deceive me,
I leave my home onto the risks of time,
When I asked you, "Will you be mine forever?"
You replied: "Look at the moon, there's already a man there".
A year later, we rented a room before the moon,
I began to play at a gloomy bar on HaMasger Street.
And they shouted, "Get that shorty with the tux off the stage!"
And only one said: "Kid, kid, soon you'll bring down the moon for them".
There was a time where happiness came through rage,
We laughed at everything, burned what we could get our hands on,
We got nothing left but to embrace the sorrow,
To say, "Yesterday all was good, and tomorrow will be as well".
Yesterday all was good, yesterday all was good,
Yesterday all was good, and tomorrow will be as well.
I find it hard to concentrate, because your beauty still astounds me,
It's hard to say 'shame' or 'maybe'.
Instead, I sometimes dance and scream at the moon, saying: "Come down!"
Blame the world for my pain.
Sometimes I forget, how we began before the moon,
When you forget, yeah, yeah, you're unfortunate.
There's rain in the sky, meanwhile there's no moon,
And when it'll come out, we'll go together 'til we disappear.
There was a time...
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ירח | Yareach

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